SUQQU Treatment Primer, Extra Rich Cream Foundation & Brush

September 5, 2016

You know the season’s changing when the colors change, and base products turn richer.  This year we didn’t quite see too many super sheer, natural skin-like foundations; instead, the cushion technology has taken the world by storm.  Much as I like some of them, I still find myself reaching for my foundations; and with my recent bout of breakouts, prefer something with higher coverage and a cream texture that is able to smoothen out the bumps and accompanying dry flakes.  And so, it was perfect timing when I received SUQQU’s latest base duo – comprising of a Treatment Primer and Extra Rich Cream Foundation!

SUQQU treatment primer, extra rich cream foundation and brush

As I age, I find myself switching over from mattifying primers to those that offer more hydration and luminosity.  Those with dry/dehydrated skin and/or dealing with the change in weather may also benefit from the new SUQQU Treatment Primer.

SUQQU Treatment Primer

Housed in a slender pale pink squeeze tube, this unassuming primer does so much more than just keep the oilies at bay and extend the wear of makeup.  It is a lovely multi-tasker that packs in some much-needed skincare benefits as well as SPF20 sun protection.  A blend of 4 intensely moisturizing oils seals in moisture and smoothens the skin surface:

SUQQU Treatment Primer swatch

For all its power-packed ingredients, SUQQU Treatment Primer comes in a delicately-light fluid texture that does not leave the skin feeling greasy at all.  Instead, it sinks into the skin immediately, and leaving the skin feeling smoother, plumped and more luminous.  The slight pink tint disappears once applied, but does leave my face looking brighter and more radiant.  I definitely felt my dehydrated skin feeling better hydrated throughout my long days when I apply a thin layer of this Treatment Primer before my makeup.  What is more important, is that it does not feel too much at all even when layered with SUQQU’s new Extra Rich Cream Foundation!

SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation swatch

I have not been reaching for a cream foundation in a very long time, partly because the trend has been moving away for the past couple of years, and also I grew to prefer letting my own natural skin show through.  So I was curious to see how I would like the new SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation… and I fell in love!  Unlike any other foundation I’ve tried, this unveils throughout the day according to the skin conditions.  When first applied, it leaves skin with a healthy glowy finish.  A few hours into it, the foundation starts to emit a warmer glow due to rose and champagne pearl powders, to give a brightening boost just as fatigue starts to creep up.  It is also intelligent enough to control excess sebum, keeping the makeup looking as fresh at the end of the night as at the beginning.

SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation is a smooth thin cream that is easy to blend with your choice of fingers, sponge or brush, and leaves a flawless natural finish.  What I love about this Extra Rich Cream Foundation is that it feels as luxurious as any cream foundations I’ve ever tried [and trust me, I’ve tried some of the best like this and this], but it applies like a fluid foundation – smooth, fuss-free, completely devoid of that cakey effect that often accompanies thicker foundations.

SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation before after comparison**Click to enlarge and zoom

To be honest, I have not had a good experience with SUQQU’s Frame Fix Foundation in the past [reviewed here], and was very apprehensive about trying another SUQQU foundation.  The results spoke for the product in ways that I could never imagine though – it was beautiful and glowy, brightening up the dark and sallow spots, and providing adequate coverage for my dark undereye and other red pimple marks whilst still allowing my natural skin to show through!  In the comparison photo above, I had applied SUQQU Treatment Primer all over the face followed by SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation on the right half.  If you click on the image to enlarge and zoom, you will be able to see that the foundation actually minimizes the appearance of pores on my cheeks, without any caking or creasing.

According to SUQQU, this Extra Rich Cream Foundation contains a blend of 12 oriental herb extracts to moisturize, protect the skin and promote natural healing.  What is impressive is that all this is achieved with a relatively lightweight texture, and also wears incredibly well all day.  I recently wore this on my trip to Germany, and even onto the plane on the way back.  In spite of the extremely dry conditions I was exposed to, SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation wore better than I expected, with minimal fading and absolutely no creasing!

SUQQU foundation brush

To accompany the release of its latest cream foundation, SUQQU has also designed an innovative dual-ended foundation brush.  SUQQU’s infamous brush collection has a cult-like following, and until very recently, had a long waiting list (I was part of that waiting list for their highly coveted cheek brush for a very long time!).  The new SUQQU Foundation Brush comprises of an angled brush and a domed sponge end, designed for swirling the foundation on broader parts of the face and buffing into smaller corners respectively.

SUQQU foundation brush closeup

The brush is made of synthetic bristles that are as soft as any squirrel-haired brush I’ve ever tried, and is easier to clean than natural hair.  It is quite unlike any other foundation brushes I own, as the bristles are quite pliable and loosely packed.  On the other hand, I found this to be a perfectly brilliant way of sheering out the foundation, giving it that perfect skin-like quality.  The other domed sponge end has a bouncy texture and is small enough to work well for dabbing out extra coverage under the eyes and around the nose / lips.

Overall, I am really in love with this season’s base products from SUQQU!  Both the SUQQU Treatment Primer and Extra Rich Cream Foundation are absolute godsend for those of us with dry/dehydrated skin, and I highly recommend you check them out if you can!  In case you are trying to order this online, I am using shade 202 for the Extra Rich Cream Foundation, which is just a little bit on the fairer side for me because I’ve gotten a wee bit tanned lately, but still looks good on me.  The SUQQU Foundation Brush is an interesting one and very affordable compared to its other siblings.  All 3 are now available in Japan, and will be released on Selfridges website from 22 September!  These are permanent though, so there is time to enjoy!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.