Gazing into the Summer Sunset with SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-01 Benikakesora

June 9, 2015

Once in awhile, an angel appears in my life, and convinces me that there are selfless, sweet people out there in the world. With all the trolls residing on social media these days, I am amazed whenever I meet somebody who is willing to extend a genuine hand of friendship… and that is how this SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-01 Benikakesora came into my possession.

Suqqu Eye Color Palette EX01 Benikakesora

SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-01 Benikakesora is 1 of 2 limited edition eyeshadow trio palettes for Summer 2015. Following in the success of last Fall 2014’s Eye Color Palette trios (3 of them, all permanent – swatches here), SUQQU has turned to this slimmer and slightly more affordable format for this season. And as is traditional with its Spring-Summer special releases, Benikakesora comes in a crisp white casing.

Suqqu Eye Color Palette EX01 Benikakesora

I was see-sawing between Benikakesora and its other limited edition sister EX-02 Yosaizora, and for a moment I wanted both, but then sanity prevailed, and I decided on this because it seemed the most unique for my current state of over-abundance.

Suqqu Eye Color Palette EX01 Benikakesora swatches

The swatches from left to right are:

Suqqu Eye Color Palette EX01 Peach comparison swatches

Suqqu Eye Color Palette EX01 plum comparison swatches

The plum in Benikakoiij is a nicely balanced purple with just a dash of red in the base and does not lean too brown. Of the comparable shades I pulled up, Dior Trafalgar has the possibility of becoming closest by combining the deep burgundy-brown and red shades in the palette together.

And here is how Benikakesora looks on me, all layered together.

Suqqu Eye Color Palette EX01 Benikakesora EOTD 2

And in my usual half-half manner of application… I first dusted the shimmery white in a thin layer across my entire lid, then I applied the coppery-plum on the inner 2/3 of the lid. Thereafter, I dabbed on the plum on the outer third, and finished with another dab of shimmery white on the center of my lids just for some pop. Lined top and bottom lash lines with black liner, and finished with a dash of shimmery white on the inner third of my lower lash line to brighten.

Suqqu Eye Color Palette EX01 Benikakesora EOTD

Here is the full look in context:

Suqqu Eye Color Palette EX01 Benikakesora LOTD

Overall, I’m really fond of SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-01 Benikakesora, and I’m still ogling at EX-02 Yosaizora [check it out on Sara’s blog here].  The colors are soft, typical of SUQQU, though something to keep in mind if you typical prefer high intensity, bold colors; but perfect for the sunny months ahead.  This is a great handy palette for a weekend trip, day looks where you want to look crisp and well-heeled.  Feel free to wear just the peach or plum shades on their own with just a dash of white shimmer, smoke out with a darkening base, etc.

xo Linda

10 responses to “Gazing into the Summer Sunset with SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-01 Benikakesora”

  1. Tirurit says:

    This truly is a brand that I would love to try. Look at that shimmer and how the shades compliment each other and transform each other. Beautiful!

    • silverkis says:

      Yes, SUQQU is known best for its subtle micro shimmers and the ability of the shades to layer well with each other. But from my experience, not all the shades work well on me… the colors are soft and tend to look somewhat muddy on my eyes. So, it’s something to try and experiment with!

  2. Eleni Papadaki says:

    I have this one – it does make brown eyes pop, doesn’t it! Looks great one you :). I wore it over the Laura Mercier eye primer and lasted me about 12 hours, till I decided to take it off lol. The peach shade is to die for – especially if you want a soft effect!

    • silverkis says:

      Oh I’ve never tried LM eye primer! I actually don’t bother with eye primer whenever I use SUQQU… they never go anywhere on me! 😉 Do you also have the other blue trio?

  3. Lily says:

    Ah I love it on you! I only have one palette from Suqqu (EX11 Sumiredama) and I still don’t know how I feel about it. I probably need to bust mine out and use it day in day out and see if I should still keep it.

    • silverkis says:

      I have Sumiredama too, and I have the same ambivalence about it. I loved that duochrome shade, but somehow it doesn’t seem to work well on my lids. Did you have that problem too?

  4. beauty bloss says:

    Wow! This is beautiful. I’ve not tried any Suqqu before (unsure where to buy) but I’d be really interested in this little trio, stunning!

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