SUQQU Cheek & Face Colour Palette EX-02

August 26, 2015

I am constantly impressed by SUQQU’s ability to keep us all interested and excited with new innovative products season after season.  And this Fall 2015, SUQQU has released 2 limited edition Cheek & Face Colour Palettes… and I’m very grateful to a dear friend in Japan for helping me pick up this EX-02.

SUQQU Cheek & Face Colour EX02 for Fall 2015

SUQQU Cheek & Face Colour Palette EX-02 consists of a warm-toned coral pink blush with a satin finish and sparse micro-shimmers, and a very pale pink illuminating face powder with a slight sheerness to it.  The 2 powders are arranged in a round palette with the cheek colour comprising a smaller segment within the circle, and the 2 powders are not separated from each other.  If it pleases, you are free to swirl a brush between the 2 powders and use them on the cheeks and high points of the face in place of a highlighter.

SUQQU Cheek & Face Colour EX02 swatches

Of course, depending on what proportion of the more pigmented cheek shade and the sheerer face powder you mix, the combined outcome could vary.  In my case, I swirled between the 2 equally and the outcome is a luminous sheer pinky powder, perfect for highlighting.

SUQQU Cheek & Face Colour EX02 brush

The palette comes in a two-tier format – upon opening the first tier is a tray containing a rather wide, flattened angle brush.  As far as brushes go, this feels very soft and smooth against my skin, certainly one of the best brushes that ever came included in any palettes.  However, it is a bit too wide and too flat for applying colour to my cheeks.  It does work very well for dusting powder all over the face though!

SUQQU Cheek & Face Colour EX02 makeup look

For the look above, I’m wearing the cheek colour on my cheeks, and then I swirled the 2 shades together and dusted it with an angled powder brush along my cheek bones.  I also swept what was left on my brush down my nose ridge and on my forehead.  Lastly, I took a fluffy powder brush and dusted the face colour very lightly all over my face.

In general, Japanese blushes tend to be very softly pigmented and not very intense when applied.  So I was fully prepared for the worst, and was happy to find this SUQQU Cheek & Face Colour EX-02 Palette to be relatively easy to work with.  It is in no way as pigmented as what we are used to getting from Western brands, but it is far better than THREE [reviewed here] and even Addiction [reviewed here].  The size of the segment is also reasonable to work with – I swirl this round cheek brush a couple of times in the cheek powder and apply to my cheeks.  I also love the natural lit-from-within effect that results from layering the face powder on top of the cheek shade.  Used on its own though, I’m not completely in awe of the effect of the face powder.  It does help to set makeup without drying out my skin and taking away the glow.  On the other hand, the effect is not as luminous as Guerlain meteorites though much handier for carrying around.

SUQQU Cheek & Face Colour Palette is limited edition, so do check it out soon if you are interested.  My friend Sara has reviewed the EX-01 palette here if you need help choosing between the 2!

xo Linda

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  1. How beautiful! Agh now you make me want this one, so unfair. You look stunning in the photo, are you wearing the red palette? Thanks so much for the link love <3

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