SUQQU AW2019 Color Collection

September 11, 2019

Does it feel like Fall where you are at yet?  For me, it still feels like Summer, and I may be living in a bit of denial as I really don’t want the year to come to a close just yet.  I woke up with a jolt today to realize that the latest SUQQU AW2019 has been out in stores for awhile now, and I’ve been remiss in showing it to you.  I’m sure you’ve seen images of it by now, but today I’d like to sow you full swatches of everything that I received.  So sit back, relax and enjoy!

SUQQU AW2019 color collection

This Autumn-Winter 2019 sees the largest makeup launch from SUQQU ever, and it packs lots of adventure for those of us who love eyeshadows.  If you, like me, get completely overwhelmed by all the beautiful palettes that SUQQU have to offer, then you may wish to customize your own by picking out 2 or more singles from the new SUQQU Tone Touch Eyes collection.  There are 15 amazing shades in 3 different finishes to choose from.  Each of them come beautifully packaged in a black lacquered cnd gold case with a mirror inside, but you can also easily pop the shades out of their pans and place them in your own magnetic palette if you wish.  I have swatched the shades according to their shade code number as follows:

SUQQU Tone Touch Eyes swatches 1-7

SUQQU Tone Touch Eyes – Frost is a family of 4 shades that unlike their names, actually have a satin finish.

  1. Kageiro is a warm-toned medium-dark brown that pulls towards yellow against my skin tone.  It is smooth and nicely pigmented, and is a great allover or crease shade.
  2. Amaitoge is a neutral-toned medium-dark raspberry hue that applies smoothly and gives a nice pop to the lids.  This is a lovely way to wear reds for those who cannot pull off warm reds.
  3. Hiyatsuki is a light blue-grey that pulls chalky on me, it is an unobtrusive way to highlight the eyes without resorting to shimmers.
  4. Sukesumi is a medium-dark green that pulls grey.  It is an interesting shade as I believe it may show up more grey on other skin tones, but on me it is definitely more green.

SUQQU Tone Touch Eyes – Silk is a family of 7 shades with very fine micro shimmers.  These shades have a slightly sheerer base and play well layered over each other.  Composing almost half the collection, this formula is what I personally consider to be a hallmark of SUQQU.

  1. Yawatsumugi is a medium brown with a satin base interspersed with peach and gold micro-shimmers
  2. Suzukinu is a light taupe with surprising pink and golden micro-shimmers
  3. Sakiiroka is a medium mauve with violet and silver micro-shimmers

SUQQU Tone Touch Eyes swatches 8-15

  1. Suzuaoi is a midnight blue with a hint of silver shimmer that pulls the shade cool-toned
  2. Kifuu is a deep forest green with flecks of silver shimmer.  This is one of those rare cool-toned greens that look sophisticated on Asian skintone
  3. Ryouka is a powder pink that manages to refrain from any hint of chalkiness and does not turn Barbie-doll.  One for the grown-ups!
  4. Touyou is a vivid coppery orange with lighter coral micro-shimmers.  Again, this is surprisingly neutral- even cool-toned to suit those with warmer skintones.

SUQQU Tone Touch Eyes – Stellar is a smaller group of 4 shades that punch up the drama with spectacular shimmers.

  1. Akihotaru is a light champagne gold with some sheer translucency to the base, and filled with bright gold shimmers.  This works as a subtle hint of light when used all over the lids, and can be packed over another shade for dimension.
  2. Koushi is a medium-dark purple with violet and silver shimmers.  This kind of purples tend to pull slightly greyish on my lids, so the shimmers will help bring the color to life.
  3. Enka is a is a burnt orange with a semi-sheer base and filled with copper and gold shimmers.  The translucency allows this shade to be layered and played with.
  4. Oboreboshi is a translucent slate that pulls slightly purple on me, which really shows off the silver shimmers.

SUQQU Tone Touch Eyes makeup look

I’ve been having lots of fun mixing and matching the various shades of SUQQU Tone Touch Eyes.  In the look above, I have first applied a very light wash of 05 Yawatsumugi across the lids followed by 01 Kageiro on the outer corner.  Next, I dabbed 13 Koushi on the center of the lids, and a bit of 06 Suzukinu in the inner corner.

SUQQU Fall 2019 makeup

One of the things I love about SUQQU is how easy they make it for the everyday woman to choose her makeup.  So, apart from all the wonderful Tone Touch Eye singles, SUQQU has also catered for 2 Designing Color Eyes quad palettes.  The one shown above is 14 Irourushi which comprises of a delicate brown, grass green and a red shimmer.  It is a fun warm-toned palette that is easily wearable and appropriate for the Fall season.  I have swatched the shades according to their relative placement below.

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes Irourushi swatches

To round up the eye color collection, there are 3 shades of SUQQU Color Ink Liquid Eyeliner.  The fine brush tip has a nice flick to it that allows a precise cateye flick.  For the rest of the face, there are 2 new shades of SUQQU Pure Color Blush, 2 shades of Moisture Rich Lipstick, and 3 limited edition shades of Water Color Lip Ink.  I have a selection of them and swatched them below for you.

SUQQU AW2019 Pure Color Blush, Moisture Rich Lipstick, Water Color Lip Ink swatches

I was surprised by the Moisture Rich Lipstick in limited edition shade 111 Fusubeiro.  This looked deep berry in the tube, but it applied a mauve-y brown with lustrous finish and hidden shimmers.  It is a very elegant grown-up shade that works really well as an everyday lip color and the formula is comfortable to wear all day long.

Putting these elements together, here is another makeup look featuring Designing Color Eyes 14 Irourushi on the eyes, Pure Color Blush 10 Usumoya on the cheeks, and a blend of Moisture Rich Lipstick 11 Rinku and 111 Fusubeiro

SUQQU AW2019 motd ft Irourushi,

SUQQU AW2019 Color Collection is already out in stores, and you may shop it online at Selfridges here.

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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