StriVectin-SD: Stretch marks eliminator!!

April 19, 2013

Happy Friday!!!  One of my gfs may be having her baby anytime soon… can’t wait to meet the latest addition!  As my mind wandered back into my post-natel experience, I thought I’d share a little gem to all those who have stretch marks – StriVectin-SD!

StriVectin SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles


“The stretch mark cream turned anti-wrinkle phenomenon, now formulated with our proprietary complex of 8% (NIA-114+ Peptide) Actives to improve the appearance of wrinkles and stretchmarks in just 2-8 weeks. And even better, results keep improving over time, if you keep using our products twice a day.”

We powered up the original StriVectin-SD® with 4x more powerful peptides (collagen producers) and re-engineered the formula with our patented NIA-114™ technology.  Discovered in skin cancer research, to help rebuild skin layers, NIA-114™ results are documented in multiple global patents and years of clinical studies.”

If you read my previous account of my experiences with various stretch mark prevention products (read here), you’d know that I developed some towards the end of my pregnancy.  Once I found out, I went out and bought StriVectin-SD on an impulse during the last Luxasia warehouse sale.  Afterwards, I read several scathing reviews online, and thought to myself, oh-oh, there goes $60!!  However, after baby arrived, I decided to put my money to work regardless, and applied StriVectin-SD on my stretch marks on average once a day (I may have skipped some days).  I wished I was more diligent by applying twice a day, but as any new mom will tell you, time is scarce and remembering something so inconsequential takes phenomenal amount of brain power!

With the negative reviews at the back of my mind, I didn’t really expect StriVectin-SD to work.  So, I didn’t take any photos of the stretch marks… I wished I did!  And I didn’t actually monitor my progress… so imagine my amazement when I woke up 1 day (after using StriVectin-SD for about 3 months) and found my stretch marks had faded til I had to really examine closely to see anything!

After another month, the patch on my right hip had completely disappeared!  The left side which had more stretch marks had pretty much been minimized to 1/5 of its original size, and was much less noticeable (you really had to know where it is and examine it to see anything)!

I am truly amazed by StriVectin-SD, so much so that I strongly recommend this to anybody who anticipates getting stretch marks.  It does require diligence (twice daily applications preferably, and don’t skip any days if you can help it!), but this stuff works!  Not in the lightening-but-still-obviously-visible way, but making stretch marks disappear.  It may be that this works best on fresh stretch marks, and may not work as well on older marks…lending to the bad reviews I’ve read.  I also have not tried this on wrinkles, so I can’t attest to its wrinkle-eliminating claims.  But if you are at all interested, give it a shot!  It’s far cheaper than botox or IPL!!  😉

Drop me a note and let me know if you’ve tried it!


3 responses to “StriVectin-SD: Stretch marks eliminator!!”

  1. Michael says:

    Do you think the StriVectin-SD would work for people with neck lines? I want to try out the StriVectin-SD on my neck line but there have been mixed reviews on it.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Michael, i’m not sure what sort of neck lines you are referring to. Do you mean the natural creases from the folds of the skin? Or wrinkles? If it’s natural folds, I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it. As for wrinkles, this may help, but i think hydration would be your top priority.

  2. Love your blog! Take a look around mine, maybe something will spark your interest and you’ll follow me! Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

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