StriVectin Clinical Corrector Collection: My Current Base Routine

August 7, 2014

StriVectin is not your usual beauty brand, you are unlikely to see it paraded in every departmental store or drugstore. Its claim-to-fame, the NIA-114 ingredient that has been touted to repair every aging concern from wrinkles to stretch marks, has received highly controversial reviews. However, having used it successfully to erase stretch marks post pregnancy, I have always been curious to see how it performs on my face (the only problem being this irrational mental block of applying the product I used on my body to my face). Now, with the StriVectin Clinical Corrector Collection, I can conveniently put the skincare benefits to the test on my face.

The new StriVectin Clinical Corrector Collection consists of 3 products – a face tint, eye illuminator, and a lip tint; each in 2 different shades.


StriVectin Clinical Corrector Advanced Anti-aging Face Tint comes with broad spectrum SPF30 protection, which makes it suitable for all-day coverage. The key ingredient, NIA-114 molecule, works to hydrate and minimize surface flaws.

Strivectin Clinical Corrector Collection Anti-Aging Face Tint

It comes in a standard squeeze tube, and is a lightweight creamy fluid that is easy to blend. There is a slight tint that is more for color correcting than actual coverage. For those with pretty much perfect skin, this would suffice to even out skin tone for a bare-faced look. However, for spot correction, an actual concealer will be required. The finish is a beautiful velvety glow that is never greasy nor too dewy. I have been loving the effect of this on my skin as a makeup base, with a layer of Shu Uemura Lightbulb Oleo-Pact Foundation over it. StriVectin Face Tint kept my skin well moisturized all through the day, and kept oil at bay effectively. It also held my makeup in place, and prevented even my cream foundation from slipping and creasing!

Strivectin Clinical Corrector Collection Anti-Aging Face Tint swatches

StriVectin Clinical Corrector Advanced Anti-aging Face Tint is available in 2 shades – light and medium. I am currently using the version in light, and medium will probably be suitable for NC/NW30 onwards. But it is so sheer, I think these 2 shades should be suitable for most skin tones.

It retails for SGD60 (USD39) for 30ml.


StriVectin Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator is a sheer fluid for the eye area. I would describe it more as an eye brightener (illuminator is spot-on actually) rather than a concealer. In that sense, it is akin to YSL’s Touche Eclat or Estee Lauder’s Double Wear BB Brush-On Glow. The great thing is, unlike the other two, StriVectin’s Eye Illuminator does not dry up my skin, and does not emphasize fine lines around my eye area!

Strivectin Clinical Corrector Collection Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator

It comes in a sponge-tipped wand that pulls out from the tube, similar to lip glosses. I generally dab 3 dots under my eye area, then gently blend using my ring finger all around my eye area (both under and on the lid). It has a brightening effect, and it feels as if it keeps my eye area moisturized throughout the day as I noticed less wrinkling than usual at the end of my day. However, it is sheer, so I still need a concealer afterwards for my dark eye circles.

Strivectin Clinical Corrector Collection Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator swatches

StriVectin Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator is also available in 2 shades – Light and Medium.  It retails for SGD45 (USD29) for 7ml.


StriVectin Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Lip Tint comes with SPF20 sun protection for the lip, which is quite interesting since we hardly find SPF for lips! It comes with 2 shade variations – a light pink and darker plum, although it sheers out completely when applied, and the color is indiscernible then.

Strivectin Clinical Corrector Collection Anti-Aging Lip Tint

The packaging is an old-school squeeze tube with slanted flat tip, and I prefer dispensing a dash of it on a finger then applying on my lips, instead of directly on the lips to prevent contamination. The texture is classical lip gloss, slightly sticky so I will hesitate to wear this to the hair salon. My bigger concern with this product is the inclusion of chemical sunscreens such as Octinoxate, Octocrylene and Avobenzone, which as I had discussed before (here) have potential endocrine-disrupting properties. Although that is highly controversial, my preference is not to put myself at risk by ingesting potentially harmful compounds.

StriVectin Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Lip Tint retails for SGD30 (USD19) for 15ml.


Up until now, I’ve not had very much success with CC creams… most of them were too sheer to be used on their own but lacked oil-control properties to be useful as makeup bases. However, I am really loving StriVectin Clinical Corrector Advanced Anti-aging Face Tint! It kept my face line-free and shine-free all day, and held my makeup in place. With SPF30 built-in, I could comfortably skip an additional layer of sunscreen if I’m feeling lazy or pressed for time. If you are looking for a multi-tasking product with some skincare properties, sun protection and makeup properties, do check this one out!

StriVectin is available at Escentials at Paragon and TANGS Orchard, or online via


4 responses to “StriVectin Clinical Corrector Collection: My Current Base Routine”

  1. lilian says:

    We got this brand in our departmental store, ‘look’ popular because always a few left! I haven’t really tried it myself.

  2. Noodles says:

    Oh wow! I had no idea they did non-skin care stuff! My mom loves their handcream, and so this was a brand that was on the fringe of my radar for some time, but I really want to check these out! Thanks for the heads up!

    • silverkis says:

      hey Noodles, thanks for reading my post right away!! The Face Tint is really lovely… my fav CC cream (if ever there is one!)! I hope you like it too!

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