A Decadently Glamorous Start to the Year with Stenders

February 8, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year!!  It’s the first day of the lunar new year today, and it’s a tradition to go out dressed in red and decked in gold and fineries.  So, I thought it apt to share with you these decadent 24 carat gold treats from Stenders today!

Stenders 24 carat Gold Collection

Stenders is a Latvian beauty company that is inspired by Northern nature, and sets out to create bath and skincare products that not only look and feel great, they create entire sensorial experiences designed to elevate the feelings.  The company takes great pride in their gift packaging, using dried plants as shown above, and hence their tag line “Gardener of Feelings”.

The Stenders Gold Line is enriched with 24 carat colloidal gold, which has been associated with improving moisture balance and maintaining collagen in skin.  The line also contains pomegranate extract which is a rich source of antioxidant to combat free radical damage and prevent premature aging.  I got to try out a few products from the range, and would like to introduce them to you today.

Stenders 24 carat gold body scrub

Stenders 24K Gold Body Scrub [SGD39 for 250ml] is a very smooth and fine physical exfoliant for the body.  This is probably the finest body scrub I have ever tried, and even rivals some facial scrubs I have encountered!  The result is a very even exfoliating effect on the body, and extremely gentle as well.  It is filled with tiny gold particles though it mostly gets rinsed off in the shower, but feels decadently rich nonetheless.  The aroma is a sort of white musky floral, very elegant and not over-powering.

Stenders 24 carat body cream

Stenders 24K Body Cream [SGD42 for 180gm] is a sort of heavy-whipped cream that feels very pampering on my eczema-prone skin without being too heavy nor sticky.  It is formulated with Argan Oil, which is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E to moisturise and soothe the skin.  Though invisible at first sight, there are tiny gold flecks contained in this cream that leaves skin with a barely-there glimmer!

Stenders 24 carat gold silk

In case you are heading out in the evening, or for a party would like to look richStenders 24K Gold Silk for Face and Decollete [SGD46 for 50ml] is the way to go!  This is how I imagine liquid gold would look like, with lots of golden particles suspended in Jojoba oil.  It may look intense in the jar, but when applied sparingly, gives a luminous shine.  You may a tiny bit of it to your facial moisturizer or foundation and apply to the face for a highlight effect.  I like to comb it through my hair and on my shoulders to catch the light.

Stenders 24 carat gold bath ball

Stenders 24K Gold Bath Ball [SGD15 for 110gm] bubbles in the bath, filling the bath with all the benefits of 24K colloidal gold and pomegranate extract like an Egyptian princess!  It also bears the strongest scent of the lot that I tried, and leaves a gentle impression on the skin even after rinsing off.  The perfect way to end (or start) an intimate romantic evening.

All in all, I’m very impressed by the quality and affordability of these Stenders products!  The textures are incredibly fine, and of course their gift packaging is super impressive!  So do check it out the next time you are looking for a good gift, say for the coming Valentines’ Day!  Stenders is available at #03-75 Plaza Singapura in Singapore; or check them out online here [unaffiliated link].

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.