Sonia Rykiel x Lancome Saint Germain, Sorbet Rose, Parisian Spirit & Audace

September 30, 2016

Continuing on my coverage of the Sonia Rykiel x Lancome collection for Fall 2016, today I’d like to turn your attention on the Saint Germain maxi palette and the other blush subtil cushion bearing the same limited edition packaging.  I also have 2 more of the lovely Parisian Lip Crayons – can’t get enough of these!  When I was shooting these, I conveniently separated them by the design on their covers – today’s set features quirky illustrations by Andre that are iconic of the Parisian cafe culture.  Regardless, I encourage you to read this post alongside Part 1 of this series [here], because all the pieces may be mixed and matched with each other!


St. Germain is one of the oldest address in Paris, and considered as the most classically Parisian neighbourhood.  It is home to several famed cafes and the streets are lined with atmospheric restaurants; but it is also a living university district and I have vivid memories of it being a cool hipster area where gorgeous young adults come out to hang out with friends after dark.  And so the Sonia Rykiel x Lancome Saint Germain maxi palette made a lot of sense to me when I saw it, and the illustrations brought alive that youthful vibe that I remembered so fondly.

sonia rykiel x lancome saint germain maxi palette

Saint Germain is the perfect counterpoint to the other Parisian Fresh Spirit maxi palette, with its blue-grey color scheme.  And if the other seems lighter-hearted in tone and intensity, Saint Germain is darker and more mysterious, whilst at the same time being jazzier with its glitters and shimmers.

sonia rykiel x lancome saint germain maxi palette

Hidden under the swing cover are 2 stunning shimmer shades that bring the entire Saint Germain palette to life.  Use them as liners, darkening base shades, or even all over the lids… the possibilities are endless!

sonia rykiel x lancome saint germain maxi palette

And here are the corresponding swatches:

sonia rykiel x lancome saint germain maxi palette swatches

From left to right, the shades are:

  1. Pale off-white base with a matte finish
  2. Pale dove-grey that swatches with a neutral-tone against my skin despite looking rather warm in the pan
  3. Light silver glitter with a mainly opaque grey base
  4. Light cerulean blue with a warm, slightly-grey, tone and a matte finish
  5. Dark cerulean blue with a generous dose of silver and violet shimmers
  6. Soft black filled with silver and light pink shimmers
  7. Pale pink that pulls white-ish on my skin.  This is meant to be a brow bone highlight, and works well as it disappears once blended.
  8. Dark midnight blue with some light blue and silver shimmers.  The shade looked very promising in the pan with all the multi-hued shimmers, but it swatches poorly.  It is still possible to pick up some of the shimmers with a damp brush and pushing it into the skin.
  9. Dark navy with a satin finish

I have to say upfront that this palette had some problems with pigmentation, which is unfortunately a common issue with the blue pigment using the traditional formula.  Having said that, many brands have now found a way around it, and we have been seeing much improved blue eyeshadows across the industry over the past couple of years.  As you can see from the swatches, the light cerulean shade 4 is not smooth and much too sheer.  Also, I was disappointed by the disappearing shimmers in the midnight blue shade 8.

sonia rykiel x lancome saint germain maxi palette EOTD

Regardless, it is still possible to get a decent smokey blue eye using Sonia Rykiel x Lancome Saint Germain maxi palette.  To begin, I first used an eyeshadow primer (I prefer a cream one to hold onto the shimmers, but this is entirely a matter of preference) and then dusted shade 1 all over my lid as a base.  I applied the soft black shade 6 along my lash line, taking it up to mid-lid and higher up on the outer corner.  Thereafter, I layered the dark cerulean blue shade 5 over the black, blending inwards towards the middle of my lid; and then blended it all towards the inner corner of my eye using the light cerulean blue shade 4.  I lined both my upper and lower lash line with the shimmery midnight blue shade 8 , and popped the silver glitter shade 3 on my inner corner.  Finally, I also dabbed the silver glitter on the center of my lid for some pop.

As mentioned in my previous post, there are 2 blush subtil cushions that are repromotes in the limited edition Sonia Rykiel x Lancome packaging.  You have seen Splash Corail in the signature Rykiel stripe design, and here is Sorbet Rose.


To be honest, I found Sorbet Rose to be very close to Splash Corail once they are fully blended on my skin.  Sorbet Rose is slightly peachy in shade, and is slightly warmer in tone than Splash Corail, but both should wear beautifully across a variety of skin tones.  I have swatched them side-by-side below for your reference.  As you may notice, both of the Blush Subtil Cushions bear some shimmers, but these blend out imperceptibly, leaving only a very subtle luminous glow on the skin.

Sonia Rykiel x Lancome Blush Subtil Cushion swatches

And of course, those Sonia Rykiel x Lancome Parisian Lip Crayons!  I had already waxed lyrical about how innovative and easy to use they are, but I wanted to elaborate a bit more about the formula.

sonia-rykiel-x-lancome-parisian-lip-crayon-audace-spiritThe dual-ended crayons are slightly chubby, not quite jumbo-sized, but certainly larger than a regular lip pencil.  That makes the tip just perfectly sized for outlining, and easy enough for filling in the lips.  Both ends look fairly similar, but if you take a closer look in real life, 1 side appears waxier, which is the tinted balm.  This is probably not the best description for what the product really is, as I don’t personally find it particularly moisturising and it does not have a great deal of slip to it.  Which is a good thing, because the last thing you want is to nullify the sexy matte finish of the other lipstick end.  The matte lipstick on the other end is nicely pigmented, and smooth enough to apply well across the lips despite being matte, and I love that it does not overly emphasize the lines on my lips!  The entirety, whichever end you use or in combination, has good longevity on my lips, and are able to survive through all morning of coffees, water, toast, and lunch!

sonia rykiel x lancome sorbet rose audace spirit swatches

There are 2 shades of the Parisian Lip Crayons bearing the Sonia Rykiel prints (as opposed to stripes).  Audace is a tomato red which tones down considerably with the balm end into a rather pretty youthful orange.  Spirit is a classy fuchsia which can be as punchy or discreet as you like.

Here is a look featuring Saint Germain maxi palette on the eyes, Sorbet Rose Blush Subtil Cushion on the cheeks, and Audace Parisian Lip Crayon on the lips.  The way I’ve applied the makeup, is more day-appropriate, and on hindsight did not photograph as well.  But this is life as a full-time working professional and mother, you just gotta roll with it!  If I were wearing this to an event, I’d take the eye makeup higher and bolder, and wear the lip color fully opaque.

sonia rykiel x lancome saint germain makeup look

I hope these 2 posts have been helpful at giving you an insight into Sonia Rykiel x Lancome collection.  I still have 3 of the nail polishes to go through, and I have a pretty cool nailart look (which you may already have spied on my Instagram feed) that I’m very excited to show you.  So please check back on Monday for my mani-Monday instalment!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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  1. Alison says:

    It’s amazing how similar the blush cushions are. I like that type of formula for a blush. The palette I see is on the same spectrum as the Natasha Denone– so will skip it.

  2. Janine says:

    What a gorgeous palette full of deep shades perfect for winter and fall. I haven’t looked closely at Lancome late but I don’t think I’ve seen these products here. I love seeing all the goodies in the different countries!

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