Skin Inc & its Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum

December 12, 2012

I attended Skin Inc‘s recent launch event for its Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum, and left feeling somewhat tentative.  Mostly because this is a relatively new brand, and I just hadn’t had very much exposure to its products.  Weirdly, I can’t seem to find very much information on the Internet, and the SA i spoke with at the event claimed that the company intends to remain exclusive and does not believe in marketing hype.  And since its products do not contain preservatives, they are made in small batches and once sold-out, may take months to replenish.  That last claim simply makes me question the company’s control over its production process.  And the more I actually find out, the more question marks pop in my head.  For example, Skin Inc’s products are marketed as “from Japan”, but the fact that it is a young 5-year old Singapore company founded by an IT professional with no background in dermatology or cosmetology has been downplayed in the marketing materials.  It also does not have it’s own in-house proprietary research, but “employs the latest Japanese technology” (read: simply imports and rebrand?).  The fact that over 30 awards have been won on just 17 products (its latest Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum has just been launched and already won an award for 2013!) just makes me doubt the credibility of those accolades.

Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum

Regardless, I tried to keep an open mind about the latest product on the market: Skin Inc’s Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum.  The key ingredient is supposed to be extracted from an “ultra-rare” species of apple famed for its self-preserving quality (the name provided Malus Domestica is actually the common orchard apple??).  Other key active ingredients include collagen, hyaluronic acid and soy isoflavones.  The major selling point is the 7-times more active ingredients than other competitive products (the SA specifically pointed out that SKII’s Stempower “only” contained 3x the active ingredient… efficacy vs efficiency??).

Bottled in single weekly doses, the clear liquid is dispensed by a push-button and massaged into the entire face surface  with a roller ball.  I liked that all Skin Inc’s products are formulated without scent and parabens.  I tested the serum on my hand, and found it to be a watery texture which was absorbed without leaving any sticky residue or annoying scent.  There is no way to gauge its wrinkle-erasing and texture-improving properties without longer-term use.

With all the questions in my head, I found the price tag of $338 for 4-weeks’ supply too hefty.  Much as i’d love to support home-grown brands and try out the latest cult products, I just don’t think enough has been invested in in-house proprietary research to justify the $$ and risk my skin’s delicate balance.  I’d love to see what others have to say though!


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