Shiseido Sparkling Party Palette for Holiday 2014

December 19, 2014

I can’t believe it is the final weekend before Christmas! Have you gotten your party outfit and makeup all planned? If you are still casting around for ideas, do take a look at Shiseido’s Sparkling Party Palette. Very few palettes out there are truly all-in-one (most lack either a cheek or lip color), but this Sparkling Party Palette has everything you will ever need to go from day to night!

Shiseido Sparkling Party Palette

Shiseido’s Sparkling Party Palette is designed to resemble a bejeweled clutch, but don’t be fooled, because the gems are printed on the black glossy casing and not in relief. Certainly it would have been much more luxurious if there were actual faux gems on it, but it probably would not be very practical in a slim evening clutch.

Shiseido Sparkling Party Palette for Holiday 2014

The palette consists of a lip and cheek cream color, 2 powder eyeshadows, 2 cream eyeshadows, 1 powder blush, a dual-ended sponge-tipped eyeshadow applicators, and a mini cheek brush. It seems like the trend this season to have these multi-purpose cream and powder palettes, and Shiseido’s Sparkling Party Palette is the slimmest and most useable of them all.

Shiseido Sparkling Party Palette swatches

Here are the swatches for your reference, and a short discussion of each shade (from left to right):

It takes a little bit to appreciate this palette as the colors may not immediately appeal to everyone. I would venture to say the combination of colors is very true to Dick Page’s aesthetics, and very befitting of Shiseido. The Shiseido lady is perhaps a little bit more grown up, and is your everyday woman. She is different from the SUQQU lady who is perhaps slightly younger and is looking to have a bit of fun while meeting her obligations. This Sparkling Party Palette is actually very wearable and may be used in any number of ways to see you from a reserved day at the office, to smoldering and even funky for those parties.

I have tried wearing this a couple of ways, but I think one of the easiest way to wear it for the day is to simply pile them all on!  I used the champagne all over the lid as a base, thereafter I applied the blue along my lash line and smudged them up to my natural folds to create a dark base.  Next I layered the brown over the lower half of my lid, followed by blending a little of the golden yellow above for a gradient effect.

Shiseido Sparkling Party Palette LOTD

As I have already mentioned above, the blue cream shade did not work well as a liner so I cheated by smudging it upwards and layering the brown over it.

And for the night, I thought I would dial up the smokey eye by playing with that shimmery blue!

Shiseido Sparkling Party Palette EOTD

I thought it would be a real pity to dismiss that stunning blue just because it didn’t work in its prescribed way, so I decided to smear it all over my lid (using my finger to pile on those shimmers!) to create a smokey eye! I applied this without an eyeshadow base and over the cream champagne shade, which expectedly creased after an hour or so as the shades never set. However, I really love the way it looks, in all its shimmery glory (the picture above failed miserably to capture all of it) and tried it again with primer, which extended the wear time to about 4-5 hours. Just for the heck of it, I decided to line my bottom with brown and gold. Oh that gold is so intense you could spot me from a mile away! If I ever redo this, I will probably just limit the gold to just a dab in the inner corner, and mostly line with brown, or give it up altogether and use a boring old black liner.  What do you think?

Another shameless selfie to show the eye look in context.  Also showing the coral pink blush on cheeks and red cream lip shade in their full loveliness.

Shiseido Sparkling Party Palette Blue Smokey LOTD

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Shiseido Sparkling Party Palette to be quite a fun and adaptable palette. It packs everything you need for a complete look (sans mascara, but that is easy to pop into the purse), which is rare and something to keep in mind. All the shades are everyday wearable on their own, and combine nicely with each other. The shades are also very friendly to Asian skintones, which makes it another plus in my books. I only wish the shimmery blue cream shade sets better and does not crease. But at SGD60 (or USD50), I find it very hard to fault Shiseido too much!

This palette was sent to me for my consideration. All views expressed above are my honest, unbiased opinion.

xo Linda

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