Shiseido Maquillage Snow Beauty for Holiday 2014

December 10, 2014

Shiseido traditionally releases a special limited edition face powder every year for the Holiday season under its Maquillage line, and this year is extra special.  The Maquillage Snow Beauty face powder is not only a setting powder, it has skincare properties as well!  And the last time Shiseido introduced a skincare powder 5 years ago, it was all snapped up right away.

Maquillage Snow Beauty face powder

As always, the Maquillage holiday face powder is beautifully decked out, and this year features intricate snowflakes on the top of the casing.  The entire image is given a surreal 3-dimensional feel by overlaying a piece of clear plastic, and is smooth to the touch.

Maquillage Snow Beauty face powder set

Within the case lies a thin powder puff which is convenient for day-time touch-ups on the go.  However, the real gem lies in a thick fluffy puff which is housed in a separate jacket of its own.  I was actually not intending to pick up this powder as I have enough powder to last a lifetime, but the moment I touched this puff, I had to have it.  Bouncing this puff on my face, feels like snuggling with my beloved down feather pillow… absolutely decadent!

But lovely packaging and a fluffy puff do not make a product.  The beauty of the Maquillage Snow Beauty powder lies within the powder itself.  It contains tranexamic acid which is able to prevent and treat pigmentation, and restore skin damage from sun exposure and pollution.  It also contains lauroyl lysine and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, although the latter is listed quite far down and any positive benefits is minimal.  Here is the full list of ingredients as taken from the back of the box.  I apologize for the poor quality of the image as this sticker tag is barely the size of my thumb!

Maquillage Snow Beauty face powder ingredients

As a setting powder, Maquillage Snow Beauty is simply amazing.  It is so light, it gives an imperceptible veil across the curves of the face.  It goes to work, mattifying excess shine but does not emphasize dry patches, and it lasts all day.

What sets this product apart from other powders is that it is designed to be worn to sleep.  The thicker fluffy puff is designed to pick up more of the powder, so that you can dust it liberally on your face as a last step of your nighttime skincare routine.  It sets all the lotions and potions, takes away any sticky or oily feeling of rich creams, and allows them to penetrate the skin better.  The transexamic acid also goes to work providing nighttime whitening benefits while the skin repairs itself as we sleep.

Maquillage perfume jelly

Also returning this year is the Maquillage Jelly Fragrance.  This was first released last year together with the limited edition face powder, but I had passed on the duo as that powder felt rather unspectacular to me.  So when I finally got curious enough to wonder why they had brought back something from last year, and applied a tiny bit of it on my hands, I was stunned by how lovely the scent really was!  It was an interesting jelly texture that feels slightly cool and moisturizing when you apply it on the skin.  The jelly contains fine golden shimmer, so it makes a very pretty evening accessory worn on bare shoulders.  The scent is a white floral musk bouquet, and lasts for a good 3-4 hours on me.

As a beauty junkie, the ability to look good all the time, even after removing every last trace of makeup, is a real dream come true.  And throw in good skincare benefits, I am sold!  I’m glad they decided to sell the powder separate from the fragrance this year as that gives us more options.  Each is priced at SGD85.  Sadly the powder is not refillable, but it does come with a generous 25gm which should last for a good time.

xo Linda