Shiseido The Makeup FW2014 Lacquer Rouge Collection

August 27, 2014

To pair with the bold colorful eye palettes from Shiseido’s Fall-Winter 2014 Makeup Collection (reviewed here), there are 5 new Lacquer Rouge in a beautiful range of hues.

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge is a liquid lipstick formula that was first launched by the brand in Fall 2012. Since then, the range has expanded to 30 gorgeous shades. Housed in a sleek little handy tube that is barely longer than a standard lipstick, this is as handy as it gets. The cross-section of this is shaped in Shiseido’s signature camellia design, and the gentle grooves provide a nice grip for my butter-fingers. I also liked that the wand itself is short so I can get better control as I apply.

The 5 new shades are swatched below:

Shiseido FW2014 Lacquer Rouge swatches

From left to right:

Shiseido’s Lacquer Rouge are inspired by traditional Japanese lacquerware, with rich color and lustrous shine. They contain moisturizing ingredients to provide hydration and promise to improve dry, rough lips with continuous use. Certainly, they feel very comfortable to wear, practically weightless and not sticky at all (fyi, I found Dior Addict Fluid Sticks to be on the sticky side of things). It also doesn’t bleed unlike most glosses, and lasts for a good 4 hours.

These Lacquer Rouges are supposed to be highly pigmented and opaque in a single swipe, however, I have PK226 Ophelia which is quite light and my natural lip color is somewhat darker. As such, I found PK226 Ophelia tends to thin out, leaving obvious streaks, and requires multiple coats to get full coverage.

Here is a lip swatch of PK226 Ophelia on me:

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge PK226 lip swatch

Have you tried any Shiseido Lacquer Rouge before, and will you be picking up any from the FW2014 collection? xoxo

8 responses to “Shiseido The Makeup FW2014 Lacquer Rouge Collection”

  1. I definitely need RD728, can’t resist mauve, lovely.
    I haven’t tried Shiseido glosses, I don’t even have one lipstick from them, well, it must have been time 😉
    Thanks for the lovely swatches and review.

  2. The PK 226 is oh so pretty !
    But maybe they are too cold for my complexion :(.

  3. Noodles says:

    Ophelia looks lovely on you, really makes your skin look porcelain! I have one of these in a true red, and am eager to see Rose Grey and Tango in person!

  4. Lily says:

    I have a few Lacquer Rouge, but haven’t used them up yet. One thing about liquid lipsticks is my fear of them going bad much sooner. That’s why I’m holding back on purchasing any more. I love RS312, and been using it a lot. These look great though. The pink looks lovely on you!

    • silverkis says:

      Oh you’re so right, Lily… i have the same fear with glosses and basically anything liquid. And i never ever use them up!

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