Rouge Bunny Rouge Light Corrective Eye Primer & Natural Defining & Contouring Liquid

January 28, 2018

Rouge Bunny Rouge is one of those ethereal brands that fly imperceptibly under the radar, but loved by any and all who have ever encountered the brand’s products.  They don’t turn out new products very often, so when they do it is always widely-embraced by fans.  That is how I found myself squealing when a surprise package showed up recently.  In it was these 2 mysterious tubes of makeup that I’d like to show you today… the Rouge Bunny Rouge Light Corrective Eye Primer and Natural Defining & Contouring Liquid.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Primer & Contouring Liquid

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a brand that inspires makeup artistry, and it beckons us into the Enchanted Garden.  Every piece of product is carefully spun in a fairytale that sets the stage for creativity.  The Light Corrective Eye Primer is tagged Pristine Light, which describes a magical beam of energy that drives away undesired darkness and shadows; and is inspired by natural sun beams, full moons, will-o’the-wisps, sparkling dew drops, sunsets and starlight.  Formulated to be both skincare and makeup, The Light Corrective Eye Primer may be used on its own, or as a base under makeup and/or powder.

The Light Corrective Eye Primer is currently only available in the shade Bare, which is a light tinted beige with a soft matte finish.  There is some fine pearl pigments included to brighten up dark shadows, and the creamy fluid blends out easily to smoothen out any lines and uneven texture.  It dries and sets within 30 seconds, enough time to work with, and fast enough to not cause too much delay in the makeup.  I like it as a subtle under-brow highlight, and it is a lovely brightening all over base for those seeking natural makeup.  On my hooded oily lids though, I need an extra eyeshadow primer to hold my makeup in place.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Primer & Contouring Liquid switch mechanism

Housed in a slim black squeeze tube, both the Light Corrective Eye Primer and Natural Contouring & Defining Liquid come with an innovative twist mechanism that can be switched between “on” and “off”.  This prevent excess product from being accidentally squeezed out in a crowded makeup pouch, making them ideal for travel.  The sponge tipped applicators are useful for makeup on the go, and are handy for blending without having to use fingers or additional tools.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Natural Contouring & Defining Liquid is a lightweight fluid that is designed to be the counterplay to the Light Corrective Eye Primer.  The Natural Contouring & Defining Liquid is currently only available in the shade Dusk which is the perfect cool-toned ashy brown that provides contour without turning the complexion muddy.  It has a soft satin finish that further enhances the skin tone, providing that coveted healthy luminosity.  On my roughly NC-25 skin, it goes on slightly darker than I usually prefer, but I found it so easy to blend out such that is nearly imperceptible.  Love!  A tiny bit goes a long way though, and it is easy to add more if needed.  There is a good 30-seconds or so to blend after application, and once it sets it does not budge and stays put all day.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Primer & Contouring Liquid swatches

Both Rouge Bunny Rouge Light Corrective Eye Primer and Natural Defining & Contouring Liquid are available for purchase online here [unaffiliated link].  I really love their slim packaging, fuss-free on/off mechanism and the sponge-tipped applicator for easy on-the-go use.  Definitely consider these for your next trip!

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

6 responses to “Rouge Bunny Rouge Light Corrective Eye Primer & Natural Defining & Contouring Liquid”

  1. Alison says:

    This looks nice, and I am all about eye primer, but the pearl element makes the primer non-ideal for me. My desert island makeup kit would be eye primer, brow, and lip. BTW: Are you going to review any part of the Chanel Neige collection? I finally got the Essentielle Palette thanks to the paler LE in that collection. And was also wondering about your take on Tweeds? I know the Blush-Highlighter is the star but I am not a collector and try to buy what I truly wear. My fave JC is Rouge Profonde– wear it constantly. Was wondering if the new LE Tweed was kind of a summer version or more coral.

    • silverkis says:

      I was hoping to receive the testers for swatching, but they weren’t available before I left for Germany, and now it is too late. The new tweed is cooler toned, more pink than coral.

      • Alison says:

        Hi Linda, thank you for letting me know. How do you like the Tweeds overall as compared to the JC’s?

        • silverkis says:

          i’m actually not averse to the tweeds the way some people are…. I find them more pigmented (at least the few that I have) than the JCs, but I hadn’t had them for as long as some of my JCs and I heard that they turn really hard and impossible to use after awhile.

  2. Lily says:

    RBR definitely flies under the radar. Underrated but I think that’s why it can remain special. I find that once some brands go “big”, they lose their identity.

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