RMK Summer 2017 Color Mosaic Nail Polishes

April 4, 2017

Let’s kick off April with a big colourful post!  I’ve been really blown away by RMK lately, because the brand has been releasing huge bumper collections every season, and this time round it is the biggest yet.  For Summer 2017, RMK has taken to the theme of Color Mosaic, and it is a jubilant display of hues!  I have loads to show you, but today, I will focus on the nails…

RMK Summer 2017 Color Mosaic Nail Polishes

As part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations, RMK is undergoing a complete change, and this season we are seeing a brand new revamp of their nail polish line.  The bottles are longer and sleeker now, and almost resembles lip glosses!  The formula remains the same (if not better!), and I love every one I tried for their quick dry, good coverage and freshly-applied look properties.  To celebrate the launch, RMK has released 8 new shades in 3 finishes – Clear (CL), Pearl (P) and Shiny (SH).  There are also a pink-tinged base coat that fills in and smoothens the nail cuticles that could be worn on its own for a my-nails-but-better nude look.

RMK Nail Polish 04(CL) Antique Beige nail swatch

RMK Nail Polish 04(CL) Antique Beige is a light-medium neutral beige with a good balance between yellow/brown and red.  It has good coverage and is easily opaque in 2 thin coats.  Antique Beige has is classified as a Clear finish, and is best described as a cream with a high glossy shine.

RMK Nail Polish 05(SH) Sparkle Rose nail swatch

RMK Nail Polish 05(SH) Sparkle Rose is a light lavender with pink and silver micro-glitters.  There is some translucency in the base (shown above is 2 thin coats), but can be built up for greater opacity.  Though classified as a Shine, Sparkle Rose has a matte base with the shimmery micro-glitters for extra oomph.  This can be worn on its own for a bit of fun whilst still maintaining a work-friendly look; or layered with another shade.

RMK Nail Polish 08(CL) Summer Shower nail swatch

RMK Nail Polish 08(CL) Summer Shower is a medium muted blue with a slight grey tone.  This is one of those shades that feel like a one-coat wonder, although I used 2 very thin coats here.  The finish is so beautiful and glossy (no top-coat used here!), these Clear finish nail polishes from RMK are definitely a favourite for me!

RMK Nail Polish 11(CL) Hushed Violet nail swatch

RMK Nail Polish 11(CL) Hushed Violet is a medium-dark smokey grey.  Though classified as a Clear finish, it is evidently not the creams that Antique Beige and Summer Shower above.  Hushed Violet is more of a jelly, with a semi-translucent base that is slightly buildable though never to full opacity.  For your reference, I had used 3 generous coats in the nail swatch above.  Regardless, I think a jelly works for this color, making it edgier and easier to wear than a full-on flat opaque grey.

RMK Nail Polish 15(CL) Youth Red nail swatch

RMK Nail Polish 15(CL) Youth Red is a showstopper with its brilliant medium red.  It is the perfect neutral-toned red, with enough blue in the base without pulling too cool, and some warmth to keep it from turning berry.  It has some staining effect, so be sure to use a good base (or RMK’s if you can!) and clean up the areas around the nail bed as soon as you can.

RMK Nail Polish 17(P) Sheer Pink nail swatch

RMK Nail Polish 17(P) Sheer Pink is one of the new Pearl finish nail polishes, and it contains some micro-shimmers that reflect the light for that pearlized effect.  Sheer Pink is a light-medium warm-toned pink, due in part to the golden micro-shimmers.  It has some translucency in the base, and is mostly buildable.

RMK Nail Polish 19(CL) Ancient Rose nail swatch

RMK Nail Polish 19(CL) Ancient Rose is a medium muted rose pink that is just a wee bit sheerer than the others in the Clear category, but fully opaque in 2 generous coats.  I do recommend the RMK base or another good ridge-smoothening base to allow this shade to go on smoothly.  The color is so beautiful and easelessly elegant that I would wear this over and over again.

RMK Nail Polish 21(CL) Salmon Pink

RMK Nail Polish 21(CL) Salmon Pink is a medium coral that is more peach than pink.  There is some white tones in the base that gives this shade a kind of powdery feel.  Another lovely creamy finish from the Clear range, and almost a one-coat wonder.

RMK Clear & Matte Top Coats

Along with the nail colors, RMK has also released 2 top coats – a clear glossy top coat and a matte.  In the nail swatch above, I had first applied the clear glossy top coat over the entire nail (layered over Antique Beige), and then followed by the matte top coat over the top of my nails in a French manicure style.  Mix and match them up for some cool and easy nail-art fun!

RMK Summer 2017 pink ombre nails

I have really enjoyed playing with each and every one of these RMK Nail Polishes.  They’re some of the easiest nail polishes to apply, although the new longer brushes now require a bit more control then before.  I truly appreciate how quickly these dry – by the time I am done applying all 10 nails, the first few are already dry!  The base and top coats are all fabulous, and I strongly recommend you check them out if you regularly apply nail polish at home.

RMK Beauty Workshops

For my readers in Singapore, RMK will be hosting a series of beauty workshops from 14-17 April 2017 at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.  Please refer the flier above and call 6238 8043 to RSVP!

xo LindaThis post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.



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  1. Naya says:

    Okay, this collection is amazing! In love with that bright red, so so pretty! Great post Linda!

    Naya // http://www.partyparrotblog.com

  2. Elena says:

    I love how you played with the colours! Did you do that mani yourself Linda? Gorgeous. Ancient rose is my favourite shade of the ones I see here x

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