RMK Color Change Collection for Spring 2017: Eyes & Cheeks

January 11, 2017

In case you are missing all the youthful sweet pinks this season, you are in for a real treat today!! RMK celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and has launched an impressive 30-piece limited edition collection. With this RMK Color Change Collection, the brand reinterprets the colors pink and brown, and presents a more grown-up approach to the youthful RMK woman whilst reminding us all to have a little fun and girlie whimsy this Spring 2017.

RMK Color Change Collection for Spring 2017

RMK has always been known to be a little imaginative and youthful in its positioning, and so it should be unsurprising to find they have chosen to use white translucent plastic packaging throughout this collection. It reflects the ethereal and translucent beauty that the collection aspires towards, and is much better quality in real life than it appears at first glance. I do like that it is extremely light and slim to carry around in a makeup pouch and for travels.

RMK Face Pop Eyes for Spring 2017

There are 6 RMK Face Pop Eyes in this collection, each an eyeshadow duo featuring a pink and a brown toned powder shade. I was feeling quite off balanced when I first saw them at the media preview event – so much pink! And if you have been following me for a while now, you will also realize that neither pink nor brown are favourites of mine. When stacked side-by-side, they do seem quite similar, but after swatching and playing with them for many weeks now, I have come to realize each of these Face Pop Eyes have its own distinctive voice.

RMK Face Pop Eyes swatches

Typical of Japanese eyeshadows (particularly so for RMK), the pigmentation is softer than Western branded ones, and they are designed to be worn layered together. Within the 6, I found the brown shades vary more than the pink, and have the ability to completely transform when layered, and so I swatched them side-by-side here to help you choose. They run from rather warm, yellow-based browns (e.g. 03); to cool-toned, plum-ish browns (06).

RMK Face Pop Eyes swatches

And here are the side-by-side swatches of the pink shade from the 6 Face Pop Eyes. These vary in intensity and opacity, but they are generally sheerer than their brown counterparts, and are therefore more appropriate for layering over the brown, which is also how I prefer to wear them. You could of course wear the pinks on their own, which can be very avant-garde, although be warned it will probably require a good primer and lots of layering to build up to an intensity that can be properly seen (unless you are very fair).

RMK Face Pop Eyes for Spring 2017

RMK Face Pop Eyes swatches

Here is a complete set of swatches featuring both shades from each Face Pop eyes palette next to each other. I also overlapped the swatches so you can see the effect when layered. You will also notice that 01 is extremely sheer and glittery, and though it is sold separately, I do think 01 is more of a topper than designed to be worn on its own. I am very fond of the plum-ish brown in 06, and I am also surprised by how the shades in 03 combine to give a cool-toned baby pink! You definitely don’t need all 6 of them, but I think it’d be fun to play around with these, and mix and match them.

RMK Face Pop Creamy & Powder Cheeks for Spring 2017

RMK Face Pop Creamy Cheek for Spring 2017

I was a little bit perplexed when I first swatched the RMK Face Pop Creamy Cheeks, because they are actually powder! What the names refer to, is actually the overall effect when applied on the cheeks, which is not powdery at all, but a very natural, translucent flush. The pigmentation is not strong, which helps to achieve that desired effect.


The shades vary in color intensity, both 01 and 02 work more as highlighters against my roughly NC20 skin tone, whereas 03 and 04 show up better as blushes. For the swatch above, I had used 4 swipes on all the shades so you can get a good sense of their relative pigmentation. Every shade contains some level of shimmer, and 04 has an almost dual-chrome finish with the light pink and silver shimmers against a medium-light fuchsia.

RMK Face Pop Powder Cheek for Spring 2017

These RMK Face Pop Powder Cheeks are more straight-forward, being actually powdered products. The difference being that these feature all brown hues, suitable as bronzer/contour/blush. I think it’s interesting how RMK has designed these cheek products in a way that you are encouraged to break out of traditional makeup norms and use them as it suits your fancy, simply by grouping them by color families and completely renaming them.

RMK Face Pop Powder Cheek for Spring 2017 swatches

In opposite fashion from the Creamy Cheeks, these Face Pop Powder Cheeks are arranged from darkest to lightest. It’s interesting that 01 is so cool-toned that it almost looks bronze on me. 02 is the perfect light contour for me, and I like using it on the sides of my nose to gently sculpt. That last shade 03 works more as a highlighter than anything else. The way RMK has designed these, you are encouraged to apply the pink Face Pop Creamy Cheek in a downward triangular placement high up (just under the eye if you can!), followed by one of these Face Pop Powder Cheeks across the sides of the face just under the cheek bones all the way to the ear to break up the pink and to create depth.

RMK Color Change Spring 2017 makeup look

For this makeup look here, I am wearing RMK Face Pop Eyes 04, Face Pop Creamy Cheek 04, Face Pop Powder Cheek 02 to sculpt, and Face Pop Lips 04.As you may have guessed from the title of this post, this is part 1 of 2 posts for this RMK Color Change Collection.  I still have lots of lip color and nail offerings to show you tomorrow, so remember to bookmark and set your reminders to check back soon!

xo LindaThis post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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  1. Lily says:

    LOL I’m with you. SO many pinks! I love my browns and neutrals but PINK! Eeks…

  2. Alison says:

    Different, for sure. The colors are pretty but for blushes I need something stronger.

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