RMK x Midori Sato Seductive Love Collection for Holiday 2017

November 30, 2017

I have really enjoyed every collection that RMK has released over the course of this year, and it amazes me that they still manage to knock my socks off with the latest Seductive Love Collection for Christmas 2017!  This collection is inspired and featured artwork by Midori Sato, a young but accomplished artist whose works are based on the feeling of pleasure in encountering beautiful objects in daily life or travel.  The collection consists of 2 very special limited edition coffret sets, and I am excited to show them to you today!

RMK x Midori Sato Seductive Love Holiday 2017 collection

The Silver Mirror Closet Kit features a recent art piece by Midori Sato, printed on the top of a silver gift box and the lid of the palette.  Upon opening the gift box, I experienced the same thrill as I would unveiling a closet well-stocked with pretty gowns, as the Silver Mirror Closet Kit literally has everything a gal would need to get dressed!

RMK Silver Mirror Closet Kit for Holiday 2017

The Seductive Love Palette brought back fond memories of old school makeup palettes that my mom used to have.  It contains 5 eyeshadows and a face powder (complete with sponge applicators) on the top tier.  There is also a pull-out tray below that contains a cream foundation, concealer, 2 correctors and a mini white Glow Pencil for lining the waterline and inner corners.  Finished with 2 coats of the mini RMK Separate Curl Mascara N in 01 that is also included in the coffret.

RMK Silver Mirror Closet Kit eyeshadow swatches

I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely pigmented the eyeshadows are, and they build up to a rather intense smoky eye for parties.  Personally, I don’t reckon the small strip of cream foundation will be of much use, and can be rather fiddly to apply too… but it could be handy for emergencies.

RMK Silver Mirror Closet Kit eye makeup look

Here is an eye look featuring the eyeshadows in RMK’s Seductive Love Palette.  I started with the dark navy on the outer half of my lid, followed by the pink shade on the inner half, blending together in the middle.  Thereafter, I dabbed a little of the silver shimmer on my inner corner, and lined the lower lash with a mixture of the navy and dark brown.

RMK Silver Mirror Closet Kit

To complete the look, RMK has also included a pink Cheek & Eye Crayon in 01 that lends a happy, pretty flush to the cheeks.  There is also a RMK Color Lip Gloss in EX-02 which matches the generally cool-toned palette perfectly.

RMK Silver Mirror Closet Kit swatches

What surprised me was the inclusion of RMK Moist Lips in 01.  The latter is a warm beige with a reddened base, which provides a surprising optionality to switch up this Silver Mirror Closet Kit and turn out a warmer, brown-toned everyday wearable OL look!

Here is a full makeup look featuring the eye makeup shown above:

RMK Silver Mirror Closet Kit makeup look

There is a 2nd makeup coffret set that I think we all need as well (seriously, I cannot choose between the 2!), is the RMK Seductive Love Palette Garden Spirit.

RMK Seductive Love Palette Garden Spirit for Holiday 2017

This one literally brings out the joyous little girl in me!  Seductive Love Palette Garden Spirit comes packaged in a pink satin square pouch, and the makeup contents are neatly arranged in a plastic tray that can be removed.  The powdered eyeshadows and blush are built into the tray unfortunately, though there is a fairly sturdy clear plastic cover that comes with the set to protect the powders.  Included in the coffret is a mini RMK Matte Mascara N in 04 and a mini RMK Lip Jelly Gloss in EX-04.

RMK Seductive Love Palette Garden Spirit swatches

The eyeshadow quad has an interesting forest green and woodland brown pairing, which I personally find unusual and surprisingly elegant.  The pigmentation is again far better than I had experienced from RMK so far, and really easy to work with.  The blush trio is another cool innovation, featuring a pink main color and pale pink & white highlighters.  Admittedly the squares are rather small to pick up individually (just sweep the included brush wide-wise) but workable; however I personally enjoy just using all 3 shades blended together for a luminous blush!

RMK Seductive Love Palette Garden Spirit eye makeup look

For this eye look, I applied the green in the middle of the lid following a tulip placement, with the brown on either sides.  I applied the pink under the brow bone as a highlighter, and popped the champagne shimmer on the inner corner.  Lined lowerlash line with a combination of green and brown, and finished with the Matte Mascara N.

And here is the full look in context:

RMK Seductive Love Palette Garden Spirit makeup look

The RMK x Midori Sato Seductive Love Collection for Christmas 2017 is now out in counters, have you seen them yet?

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.



5 responses to “RMK x Midori Sato Seductive Love Collection for Holiday 2017”

  1. Janine says:

    These palettes are so incredible. I think Vinna might be sending one out, not sure. I pack up stuff for her and we like to exchange things we can’t get where we are. I know she mentioned this line to me. I was wondering what brushes are you using most often for your eye makeup? Specifically, overall blending, application to the outer-V, and application of cream shadow? I was looking at Hakuhodo and have some recommendations in the basic line but I thought I would get your input on that too.

    Loving all your holiday cheer and the sparkle in the posts! I hope one day I get to come see my friends in Singapore!

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Janine, so sweet that you and Vinna are exchanging makeup! I’ve been hooked on the Marc Jacobs brushes ever since I got them, somehow they seem to work the best for me so far! Otherwise, I generally reach for my Hakuhodo brushes. I like a fat pencil type brush for my outer V, and for cream shadows I switch to synthetic brushes as they’re easier to clean.

      • Janine says:

        I just shipped her a box yesterday actually! I sent a couple Natasha Denona palettes and some ABH stuff that is harder to get in Singapore. I just got some Chikuhodo brushes and I want to get the Hakuhodo for my eyes. I’m really excited as they have a showroom in California and can ship within the US for free! =) I haven’t tried any of the Marc Jacobs brushes yet. I’ll have to look at those too! Happy Holidays!

  2. Lily says:

    Makeup aside, I really like that black (top/dress) with beaded collar!

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