Organic haircare just keeps geting better

June 1, 2014

When I was living in the Bay area, I aspired to all things organic. It was a combination of living within walking distance of Whole Foods (notable because Americans in general don’t walk), and the prevailing Californian school of thought (happy weather makes happy people who are therefore committed to maintaining their happy living). But having dabbled in organic hair care for a bit, I was left with the impression that it was mostly just marketing ploys to elicit pricing premiums and excuse poorly formulated products. Fast forward 5 years later, I am happy to observe that things have improved tremendously. From Aveda to Evolvh, it just keeps getting better.

What is the point of organic anything that isn’t digested orally?

Since it is the weekend, let me digress a bit and address this often-asked question. Some time ago, I had written an article (here) in which I advocated consumers to be more discerning than to pick up everything labeled “organic”. My thoughts have not changed, and I still believe that we should be wary of anything labeled “organic”, and critically determine the right product for ourselves. But a recent bout of prolonged sickness (and a depressing read titled “The Fault In Our Stars”) gave me a new level of awareness of the importance of good health. Products that are left on our skin (scalp included) have the potential to be absorbed (in fact good products are designed to be absorbed), and therefore impact our health. Add to that, aerosols contain potentially harmful chemicals that are inhaled. Used independently, their harmful impact may be negligible; but significant when compounded by all the many (shockingly much in my case) other harmful products that are in our daily lives over a prolonged period.

And finally, I am happy to note that high quality, organic hair care is now widely accessible! So why not?! I’ve been luxuriating in a couple of deluxe samples that I obtained in the last SpaceNK Beauty Bag bonanza, and would really love to share them with you.

Rahua Conditioner

rahua conditioner


The star ingredient in the Rahua hair care range is Rahua Ungurahua, which has the ability to strengthen weak, damaged hair while nourishing and regenerating the scalp and hair follicles. This Rahua Conditioner has a slightly thick texture but does not feel overly oily and heavy when applied, instead it is light weight and rinses out easily. I also loved that is smells absolutely divine, so much so that I was desperately trying to dig out the very last bit of it from my sample bottle! It boasts of 100% natural and organic including quinoa, aloe, and rice bran wax; and is ideal for color-treated hair. More importantly, it is free of parabens, sulfates and other nasties.

It worked wonderfully on my dried and tangled hair, smoothing it out without weighing it down. I combed it through freshly shampoo-ed hair with my fingers, left it on for 3 minutes or more, then rinsed out. It worked better than any other conditioners I’ve tried, even surpassing hair masks that needed to be left on for longer. Throughout the 2 weeks I was using Rahua Conditioner, I woke up every morning to good hair days (I wash my hair every night to get rid of all the gunk before getting into bed). But if you still need some help taming flyaways, this can be applied as a styling product on towel-dried hair.

Rahua Conditioner retails for SGD54 is available in Singapore via Luxola (click here to sign up!) or USD32 via Beautybay.

Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color



The Oribe hair care line is named after supposed hair legend Oribe, who was a lauded hair stylist in the 1990s. He has worked with top supermodels, designers and photographers. After 30 years in the industry, Oribe finally launched his eponymous hair care line in 2007. The Oribe line features high performance, luxurious products targeting the discerning.

Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color is an intensive conditioning treatment that smoothes hair cuticles, and delivers a radiant shine. It has a thick gel-like consistency, and combs through freshly shampoo-ed hair easily. Even though it is a mask, you only need to leave it on for 1 minute before rinsing out easily. The result is soft and smooth hair that is still bouncy without feeling weighed down.

It is formulated with a cocktail of delicious-sounding ingredients with beneficial properties:

And as always, what is not included is equally important.  Oribe products do not contain parabens and sodium chloride.

Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color retails for USD59 and is available on Net-a-Porter and SpaceNK US.


These are certainly high-end products, and will only appeal to the discerning consumer. However, if you are already a regular user of salon-branded products, then this is not a leap. In fact, over time, you are likely to notice improvements in your hair. Plus, both Rahua and Oribe smell so amazing, your daily hair wash is going turn into a treat. Go ahead, treat yourself after a hard day’s work!


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