Purple smokey eyes for Fall

August 11, 2013

This is a rather different type of post from me today… I hadn’t exactly planned on doing up a post hence, the rather terrible picture quality.  However, I changed my mind after the fact because (1) i’m really in love with the purple smokey eye trend for Fall 2013, and (2) this look sort of marked the end of an era for me, so what better way to remember it than to blog about it?!

grey-purple eyes lotd

What I loved about doing up a smokey eye look in purple, is that it is an interesting twist to the classic black / brown smokey eye, and for this Fall 2013, it is a softer, more muted look.  Depending on what you are hoping to achieve, you can tone down or amp up the color, intensity, and extend / elongate as you wish!

Just so you know, I’m really lousy with step-by-step makeup tutorials as I seldom bother to read them in detail anyway… but this is a really easy-peasy 1 minute smokey eye, so i shall attempt to elaborate (in all of 3 steps!).  If you have any questions, feel free to ask away below!

For my look, I decided to blend purple with a pale grey.  And here are the items that I selected:

Grey-purple smokey eye shades

Clockwise from left: Tom Ford Sahara Haze (only the pale grey shade in the upper right hand corner); Makeup Forever Aqua Black cream liner, and Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #3 Purpura.

Here are some swatches to give you an idea of how the colors complement each other perfectly!

Grey-purple swatches

This is how I used them to create my purple smokey eye……

Grey-purple eyes closeup

First I lined my upper and lower lids using Makeup Forever Aqua Black cream liner.  Just all around, without winging it at the end or leaving any gaps at the inner eye corners.  I wanted a really intense black liner to contrast against the lighter purple-grey smokey eye, and found MUFE to be the best.  You do need a good eyeliner brush, and wait a few seconds for it to dry completely before adding on the eye shadows.

Next, I covered my entire lid in the pale grey from Tom Ford Sahara Haze eye palette.  It is best to go with a feather light hand so that you have room to add more later if you need to.

Lastly, I colored in the v-shaped outer corners using Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #3.  I first opened up my eyes to flick it upwards and outwards following the curve of my lower lids, and then brought it in following the natural shape of my eyes.  Once I had drawn a sort of V-shape, then i filled in with more purple and blend blend blend!

grey-purple eyes 2

As promised, an easy to apply, gorgeously sexy-yet-classy smokey eye look!  I personally feel that purple goes so well with grey, but depending on the shade of purple you are working with, it might go with champagne gold too.

And that’s the last you’ll see of me with long, wavy hair!  The very next day, I went out and cut it all off for a more youthful, chic look!  Stay tuned for photos!  😉