My Ongoing Saga in Search for Proenza Schouler x MAC

May 9, 2014

I’m always a little wary of designer collaborations with cosmetics lines… or makeup extensions of designer labels for that matter.  Few have the business acumen of Marc Jacobs, domineering personality of Tom Ford, nor the machinery to keep on churning out interesting products like Chanel.  Capsule collaborations are usually more about the fancy packaging than anything else.  But the reason the Proenza Schouler x MAC collection caught my eye was more than just the beautiful design… it was these ombre blushes!



Ombre anything sounds interesting already, and when was the last time you saw an ombre blush?! Actually, I was just commenting this to my gf earlier and she reminded me about these Estee Lauder ombre blushes… so microscopic of me!  Anyhoo, even without swatching them, I knew I wanted those blushes.  Call it designer fever, irrational over-exuberance, whatever.  The combination of that metal reflective case with its psychedelic colors, and the transition from a light to dark shade in the pan… just take my money already!!

Proenza Schouler x MAC casing


But as it turns out, money can’t buy you everything your heart desires.  [Warning: massive scroll-fest ahead!]

After waiting for the collection to launch pretty much everywhere but Singapore, it finally dropped on selected MAC stores on 1 May.  By mid-day, most of the collection was soldout.  I did my part, in between mopping the living room and my kitchen, I managed to pick up the very last piece of Sunset Beach by texting my girlfriend who was reporting live from the scene.  And 10 minutes later, as I was back to mopping victoriously, my girlfriend texted me the bad news: the MAC SA sold her/me the wrong item!  Apparently she bagged the Proenza Schouler BRUSH, not BLUSH!  I fainted.  Thankfully, we were still in time to remedy the situation, and I became the proud owner of the last Sunset Beach in Singapore. *whoot*

Proenza Schouler x MAC Ombre Blush Sunset Beach


With half my quest unfulfilled, I was disappointed that Ocean City will not be available in Singapore.  Say WHAT?!?  Another girlfriend managed to find out that the MAC store at Sephora Ion was receiving the collection on 8 May, so that’s where I went yesterday.  And imagine my joy, when I saw this:

Proenza Schouler x MAC display


Aaahhh Ocean City, at last!!!  And as I was swatching myself happy, along came an SA to “help”.  And this was how it went down:

Me: Is Sunset Beach really soldout already?? It’s only noon…
SA: Oh, actually we never received that. All the stores in Singapore only received Ocean City.
Me: No, all the other stores only had Sunset Beach. The pink one.
SA: This is the pink one! *points at Ocean City*
Me: No, this is the coral one. I already have the pink one, and this is definitely not it.
SA: Yes! Sunset Beach is the coral one, this is Ocean City *flips to the back of palette to check* and it’s pink!
Me: No, it’s the other way around…
SA: *looking confused* Well, this is the only one we have *points at Ocean City again*
Me: Great, this is the one I want!
SA: Ok!

I really should have known better….. should have taken the time to open up the product to check…… because an hour later, I received this message:

“Hi Ms Linda! This is MAC Ion Sephora, I believe the Proenza Schouler blushers you bought AREN’T the coral one, it’s in fact the pink one! ……”

I dug it up and opened to check for myself, and sure enough, they had bagged me Sunset Beach!!


Oh MAC… is Singapore not important enough a market to deserve the full range?  And do you not properly educate your SAs and prepare them for new launches?  Pink versus coral… not that hard to distinguish!

And it breaks my heart to say, that these are really, truly, beautiful blushes.

Proenza Schouler x MAC Sunset Beach swatches


Proenza Schouler x MAC Ombre Blush Sunset Beach consists of 2 shades of pink – a deeper raspberry pink, and a lighter cool babydoll pink.  There are some reviews out there that criticized the texture of this blush, but I had absolutely no problem picking it up with a brush as I did with the blended swatch.  In fact, after hearing the possibility of having to actually scrape this out of the pan, I went over zealous with my very first use, and ended up having to tone things down with loose powder!  You could either use either shades as a blush on its own, swish them together for a neutral pink, or use the lighter pink as a highlighter (using a very light hand of course!).

Proenza Schouler x MAC Ocean City swatches


The more interesting of the 2, in my opinion, is Proenza Schouler x MAC Ombre Blush Ocean City.  This consists of a warm medium coral blush that leans a bit peach, and a lighter beige shade that can be used for contouring or all over bronzing!  Swirl them all together, and you get a warmer coral beige blush!

I had about 8 hours’ wear on Sunset Beach, which is really decent for the price.  Ocean City I don’t have the privilege of trying out on my face yet.  🙁

Proenza Schouler x MAC lipstick swatches


Here are some swatches of the lipsticks. From left to right:
• Primrose – creamy sheer dark cheery with a shiny finish
• Woodrose – creamy light beige with a shiny finish
• Mangrove – medium bright vermillion with a matte finish
• Pinkfringe – light babydoll pink with a shiny finish

The full collection also boasts of 4 nail lacquers, 2 lip pencils and 2 pencil eye liners. Happy hunting!