Prenatal & Post Natal Massage Singapore Review

March 3, 2020

The pregnancy journey is often fraught with physical discomfort and is a strain on the body overall.  Even the postpartum period can become challenging with sleep deprivation and the stress of breast feeding making a full recovery more complicated.  When things get rough, I believe in putting on the brakes and taking some time for myself.  No matter how much I wish to prioritise and care for my kids, I cannot do that without first taking care of myself.  One of my favourite means of self-love is to indulge in a body pampering massage from Postnatal Massage Singapore!

Maybe memory plays tricks on us all, but this particular pregnancy felt like it was much more physically arduous than the previous.  I kept myself fit throughout with regular pre-natal barre sessions, which helped tremendously to stretch and maintain critical muscle groups.  But from time to time, I would still wake up to a really sore back, hip or neck from sleeping in one position all night long.  Once I had such a severe leg cramp that left me limping for days!

Finding a good prenatal massage recommendation in Singapore was surprisingly difficult, most spas don’t provide for pregnant ladies, and those that do were either exorbitantly expensive or located in inaccessible places.  I juggle a full schedule between work, home and media events on a daily basis, so I could never make it to a spa when I needed it the most.  Having a therapist come to my home at my convenience was a real game-changer!  My therapist Sally not only helped ease all the body aches I had, but her leg massage during my pregnancy and also kept water retention to a minimum.

Post natal Slimming massage Singapore Review, leg massage during pregnancy

After baby arrives, one of the most important tips for post pregnancy care is to line up a good postnatal slimming massage.  This really helped me get back in shape during my first pregnancy, and it was the first thing I booked when I found out I was pregnant – no kidding!  In addition, the hour-long postnatal slimming massage session also helped me relax and get some much-needed sleep because somehow the adrenaline of delivering a baby and the busyness of a hospital stay kept me from falling into deep sleep for days.  When my milk came in and my breasts started getting engorged, I was relieved to have Sally help me unclog the ducts and ease milk flow.

The most essential part of a good post-natal massage is the tummy binding at the end.  Postnatal Massage Singapore provides a customised binder for each customer, and my therapist would tie me up as tight as physically possible.  I was already accustomed to this having done it before, so I was able to keep it on overnight until my next session.  And it really made a noticeable difference to my tummy!

Before after tummy binding

Please do not judge my flabby bits!  But the photo on the left was taken 5 days postpartum, before my very first post natal massage and binding session.  The photo on the right was taken after 6 consecutive sessions, and you can definitely see how much my tummy has shrunk!  By my own measurements, my tummy had gone down by 6 inches.  There is still room for improvement, but from this point onwards I will need to rely on exercise and breastfeeding to burn those extra fats.  To be honest though, I never had completely flat wash board abs to begin with so some extra padding is to be expected.

Booking a pre- or post-natal massage from Postnatal Massage Singapore is easy – they are open Mon-Sun 9am to 6pm.  Simply give them a call at +65 6417 9690 or check them out online here.

This is a sponsored post, though all opinions expressed above are my own honest, unbiased views.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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