POLA B.A. Skincare Series

November 17, 2020

POLA is one of the oldest beauty brands in the market, I can still remember my mother speaking fondly of it in reverent tones when I was a little girl.  Originating from Japan, POLA is built on the foundations of “Science. Art. Love”.  Each of its products have been refined over almost 100 years of experience, based on 18 million real skin data, to address skin aging at its root causes.  The packagings are works of art, designed to be visually stimulating.  And with the ultimate level of care and concern, POLA delivers their love to each and every customer.

The brand exited Singapore long before I grew into the discerning consumer I am today, and so I am extremely excited to have the chance to try the line for myself, indirectly sharing a heritage with my late mother.  The range I have been testing is their iconic B.A. skincare series and would like to introduce some of the pieces to you today.

Pola Bioactive skincare

POLA B.A. skincare series has received over 560 awards since it was launched, and is lauded as the world’s most awarded skincare.  B.A. takes its name from “BioActive Theory”, drawing on regenerative medicine to recreate a miracle skin birth factor called Versican.  Versican prompts the body to create new skin, stimulate collagen and produce elastin.  With continued use, skin becomes firmer, younger and more lustrous.

Pola B.A. skincare

The full POLA B.A. series consists of 16 items, and I have been testing out 4 of them.  Prices are generally on the prestige end, comparable to Cle de Peau and La Mer.  The packaging is sleek and architectural, gorgeous from every angle.  They are reflective though, and the plain black shows off every fingerprint and dust speck.  The textures of the 4 B.A. products I tried are sublime, and perfectly balanced in scent – neither overpowering nor too austere.

It is difficult to rave too much about a cleanser, but POLA’s B.A. Wash (ingredient list here) is the best foaming cleanser from a Japanese brand that I’ve ever tried (which is saying alot).  It gives a luxurious foam with a soft relaxing scent, cleanses well and does not strip my dry skin.  B.A. Lotion (ingredient list here) preps skin and adds a light layer of hydration, and does not sting my skin nor have a strong alcohol scent like so many Japanese lotions tend to do.  My favorite is the B.A. Milk (ingredient list here) which absorbs readily and does not feel heavy in our hot tropical climate.  The B.A. Eye Zone Cream (ingredient list here) has a unique 3D memory effect that firms and lifts the eye area, and moisturizes well.

Pola wrinkle shot

In addition to the B.A. series, I have also been trying out POLA Wrinkle Shot.  This is lauded as the first quasi-drug clinically proven to improve wrinkles, and has won more than 40 cosmetic awards.  Wrinkle Shot works by inhibiting a naturally occurring Neutrophile Elastace which is responsible for wrinkle formation.  By inhibiting this enzyme’s degradation of our healthy skin cells, Wrinkle Shot reduces visible wrinkles and prevents onset of further lines.  Compared to mainstream retinol-based anti-wrinkle products, I found POLA’s Wrinkle Shot to be much gentler and less irritating on my skin.

Overall, I have really enjoyed using POLA’s products over the past weeks, and my skin seems to take well to them.  However, as with most Japanese products, I find it takes an extended period of use to see changes.  They feel luxurious and are a pleasure to use, and will stand proud on any vanity.  I recommend you check them out if you have the chance.  POLA is now available in Singapore at Ngee Ann City,Takashimaya Department Store, Level 1.

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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  1. Lexi says:

    Hello, the bottle of Pola B.A. Milk is made from glass or plastic?

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