Pixi Pretties with Dulce Candy, Chloe Morello & Weylie Hoang

May 16, 2018

The beauty pixies surprised me with an amazing trove of makeup goodies that is too delectable for me to not share it with you!  Pixi recently collaborated with 3 gorgeous beauty vloggers – Dulce Candy, Chloe Morello and Weylie Hoang – to release 3 very special makeup kits that are suitable for just about anybody.  I love that Pixi has always been about accessible beauty products for the everyday woman/girl, and by working with real live women, Pixi has really brought it home for me.  Each of these pieces are so intuitive and easy to wear that I think you can pick any of them up without overthinking it, and enjoy them for a long time.

Pixi Pretties - Dulce Candy, Chloe Morello, Weylie

The latest Pixi Pretties collection focuses mainly on the eyes with 3 different eyeshadow palettes, but there are also options for the lips and cheeks that you can mix and match around as you wish.  I will cover these by the respective influencer who inspired the looks, and share some swatches and my personal take on each of them.

Pixi Pretties Dulce Candy

Kick back, sip on a cup of soy latte at Café con Dulce and soak up the sun!  That is the happy boho chic vibe that I get from the Pixi + Dulce Candy releases.  There is a 9-shade multi-use powder palette that may be used on the eyes and cheeks to brighten and highlight.  I swatched the shades from left to right, top to bottom, starting from the top left corner of the palette.  Each of the shades are also named and labelled on the back of the palette so it is easy to reference the colors.

Pixi Cafe con Dulce Sweet Glow palette swatches

The Café con Dulce Sweet Glow Palette pulls slightly warm-toned on me, and all of the shades bear some level of shimmer veering towards metallic finish.  Overall, there is a good range of light shades that are suitable for highlighting (e.g. Brillante, Dulce, Pan Dulce and Bon Bon) and dark shades for adding definition to the eyes (e.g. Tamarindo & Morenita).  A number of shades are also great for wearing on the cheeks, my favourite is Piruli which bears multi-coloured shimmers for an added oomph!

Pixi Dulce's Lip Candy Sugar & Spice palette swatches

I’m not usually swayed by large cream palettes but I was pleasantly surprised by the Dulce’s Lip Candy Palette.  There is a good mix of shades that can be used both on the lips and cheeks, and the quality is impressively good and consistent across all 9 shades.  The cream glides on easily but does not have too much slip so that the color stays in place well throughout the day.  Pigmentation is well balanced to show up even on my somewhat dark lips and not overly much for the cheeks.  Overall, really lovely palette, although it is way too large to be carried around for touch-ups.

Pixi Pretties Dulce Candy makeup look

Here is my Pixi + Dulce Candy makeup look.  I wore Tamarindo on the inner half of my lids, Morenita on the outer corner, a dash of Caramelo in the middle, and Brillante on the inner corner.  For the cheeks, I layered Estrella over Corazon.  And on my lips, I wore a mix of Canela and Beso for fun.

Pixi Pretties Palette Chloette

The Pixi + Chloe Morello collaboration is perhaps the most sophisticated of the 3, and features a handy brow-eyeshadow-highlighter-busher palette and a stunning lip gloss.  Palette Chloette is a real workhorse as the darker matte shades may be used for defining brows, lining eyes and creating smoky definition on the lids.  There are also 3 pairs of shimmery satin shades that are perfectly tuned for 3 different day/nude, afternoon/tanned, elegant/smoky looks.  The lightest pair may also be used as highlighters around the face and eyes.  I really like that there is also a complementary blush shade alongside each pair of eyeshadows so that an entire makeup look may be done without having to stop for even a moment.

Pixi Palette Chloette Romantic Radiance swatches

The shades in Palette Chloette are more neutral in tone than any of the other palettes in this launch.  All of the shades are nicely pigmented, and the matte shades are very impressive especially at this price point.  Though they all swatched really well using a finger above, I found the eyeshadows in this palette are slightly less easy to pick up and blend with a brush than the other palettes.  The Lip Icing is a beautiful bronze glitter lip topper with a translucent base that gives nude lips a glamorous kick.

Pixi Palette Chloette Romantic Radiance makeup look

For my personalized Pixi + Chloe Morello look, I wore Passion along the lower half of my lid followed by Swoon on the outer corner and Lace to blend out the top.  The cheeks are draped with Bouquet and I added the Lip Icing over Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillowtalk.

Pixi Pretties Dimensional Eye Creator Kit

I must say that I was most intrigued by the Pixi + Weylie Hoang collaboration at first sight, because the Dimensional Eye Creator Kit looked like it was everything I’d need in a nifty travel-friendly palette.  It actually consists of a 6-shade eyeshadow palette, and a dual-ended black kohl and liquid liner (not pictured here).

Pixi Let's Talk Eyes swatches

Instead of wowing us with lots of color options, Weylie’s Dimensional Eye Creator palette gives us a range of finishes and hues, and I personally found these colors to be much more interesting and sophisticated than the others.  I love pairing Bomb with one of the other matte shades, and Gurl! is a gorgeous topper that transforms all the other shades.  In comparison to the other palettes, I found this Dimensional Eye Creator to be creamier and better pigmented.  The liner is really impressive as it flicks on easily and stays on all-day without budging on my oily and heavily hooded lids!

Pixi Weylie Dimensional Eye Creator Kit makeup look

I was surprised that even though the Dimensional Eye Creator Palette pulls the warmest, the coloration suits me the best.  For the makeup look above, I applied Beautis all over my lid followed by Bomb on the outer corner.  Next, I layered some Gurl! in the middle for some dimension, and finished with Itty Bitty in the inner corner.  You can’t quite see it, but I lined the upper lash line with the liquid liner and the lower lash line with the kohl.

Pixi recently launched in Singapore at Sephora, though only the skincare line is available right now.  If you are interested in these beautiful makeup pieces, you can shop online via their UK store here [unaffiliated link].

I want to say a big thank you to all the lovely friends who have dropped me a line lately with prayers and encouragement.  I want you to know that your support means the world to me, and this blog is fuelled by your love!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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