Philosophy Microdelivery Peel

February 13, 2013

I have an irrational fear of all things chemical.  The mention of peel conjures up images of sensitized skin and long downtimes.  So, when I received a sample of Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel in the December 2012 edition of Vanitytrove (reviewed here), I had plenty of reservations and stashed it away.  However, for some reason the beauty gods gave me sufficient curiosity and courage to try it out recently… and i was simply amazed by the results!

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel.JPG 2

Let me first state that my skin is in fairly good condition (which was partly why I never felt the need for a peel).  Regardless, I have the common problems of uneven skin tone and some bumpiness that reminds me i’m no longer a baby.  Even with regular exfoliation, masks, and facials, I have not been able to eradicate these issues.  So I was genuinely astounded when Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel left my skin visibly clearer (pimple scars greatly diminished!), and a million times smoother and softer to the touch!!  Seriously, I couldn’t stop touching my face afterwards.  There was no stinging (which I had expected from peels), instead, the scent was a delightful authentic citrus (rather than the harsh chemical scent i had anticipated).  All this in 3 short minutes, a breeze to incorporate into the busiest lifestyle!

After trying out the sample, I immediately went out to Sephora and bought a set for myself!  I have not been so excited about any beauty product in a long time, so my advice to all the ladies out there, try this wonderful product out asap!!  You can read more about the ingredients and usage instructions here.  Thanks Vanitytrove, for introducing me to this gem!

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