March 27th, 2016

Origins Three Part Harmony Oil-Infused Serum & Nourishing Cream

So often when we look at anti-aging skincare, we immediately think of ostensibly priced products for matured skin.  And for too long, skincare has been bifurcated into “basic” hydration, Asia-exclusive whitening, and premium anti-aging ranges.  Now, for the first time, Origins introduces a multi-dimensional skincare duo to target all of skin’s needs, and made accessible for all skin types!  Let me introduce you to Origins Three Part Harmony!

Origins Three Part Harmony Oil-Infused Serum & Nourishing Cream

Origins Three Part Harmony works on skin that has entered a sleeping state of senescence, resulting in sub-optimal functioning that leads to signs of aging such as dehydration, loss of firmness, wrinkles, etc.  Skin is constantly under stress from city living – pollution, UV and bad lifestyle habits all contribute to senescence.  Senescent cells tend to build up over time, and our bodies’ ability to clear these cells decrease with age.  This inhibits normal cellular functions, which causes the production of lipids and collagen fiber to drop significantly, and skin’s barrier function is weakened.

To combat senescence, the new Origins Three Part Harmony collection features the Tazetta Lily Bulb’s regenerative properties.  This is a white flower originally from Turkey that has the ability to regenerate and bloom from year to year.  It has been shown to slow the proliferation of senescent cells as well as melanin.  Furthermore, it increases firmness and elasticity, and has astringent properties as well.

Origins Three Part Harmony Oil-Infused Serum

Origins Three Part Harmony Oil-Infused Serum [SGD$123 for 30ml] is a power-packed serum featuring a floral essential oil blend to give a luxurious sensorial experience.  The caps of these Three Part Harmony products come wrapped in wood to give that organic plant vibe and feels good in the hands.  The dropper is not self-loading, but picks up enough product with each pump to cover the entire face.

Origins Three Part Harmony Oil-Infused Serum swatch

The Oil-Infused Serum is a milky fluid that spreads easily and is absorbed completely within minutes.  It feels amazingly nourishing, soothing and moisturising my skin so luxuriously that I actually feel confident enough to skip my moisturizer entirely (something I have never done before)!  And no wonder because this contains high levels of squalane and glycerin; meadowfoam seed oil and lecithin are both powerful emollients and help keep skin hydrated.  Abyssinica seed oil and olive fruit oil both contain fatty acids that nourish skin; knotweed and myrtle provide antioxidant and anti-microbial benefits.  Other ingredients provide protection against dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines.

Here is the full list of ingredients for Origins Three Part Harmony Oil-Infused Serum:

Origins Three Part Harmony Oil-Infused Serum ingredients

To further enhance the skin pampering, Origins has created the Three Part Harmony Nourishing Cream.

Origins Three Part Harmony Nourishing Cream

Origins Three Part Harmony Nourishing Cream [SGD123 for 50ml] is a rich cream designed to provide additional moisture and nourish the skin.  It comes in a simple jar packaging with the same wood-covered twist cap.

Origins Three Part Harmony Nourishing Cream swatch

The texture is a rather rich, although it melts into the skin and gets absorbed well without leaving any feeling of greasiness.  In addition to the same cocktail of ingredients found in the Oil-Infused Serum, the Nourishing Cream also contains nourishing shea butter and vitamin E, both great sources of antioxidant, and protects the skin from external aggressors. Scutellaria baicalensis root extract extends cells’ longevity, preventing senescence and thereby maintaining youthfulness in skin.

Here is the full list of ingredients for Origins Three Part Harmony Nourishing Cream:

Origins Three Part Harmony Nourishing Cream Ingredients

I’ve been testing both Origins Three Part Harmony Oil-Infused Serum & Nourishing Cream for over a month now, and both are really enjoyable to use.  I love the Oil-Infused Serum as it feels incredibly pampering on the skin, smells luxurious, and effectively keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day.  At night, I often find myself reaching out for this serum on top of my other oils and serums because it just makes my skin feel so good!  The Nourishing Cream is a little bit heavier than I like, although it does absorb fully after a period of time.  Dosage is key here, and a small pea-sized amount is sufficient for my entire face after applying the serum.

I like the idea of addressing multiple signs of aging through a comprehensive product, by targeting sub-optimal performing cells.  However, that translates into skincare that is more about prevention rather than cure, which is what good skincare is really about.  Ultimately my skin feels plumped and has an overall sense of well-being.

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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