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April 21, 2014
Some time ago, I received a lovely email from Alison, founder of Neuth, asking very kindly if I’d like to try her products.  Prior to this, I had never heard of Neuth, but many of the things she told me about her beliefs and the products resonated deeply within me.
Neuth was founded because I couldn’t find the kind of gentle, effective cleanser and moisturizer that I wanted, that was luxurious but first and foremost, mindful of ingredients.  I wanted to create a transparent company that wasn’t green-washed, but instead was authentic and each product crafted to be the best for us, inside and out.  — Alison Rodriguez

Neuth is a young US-based company, and is dedicated to ensuring all ingredients are of the highest quality.  It uses natural, organic ingredients wherever possible.  The products are housed in violet glass, which protects the contents from UV light, to help prolong their efficacy.  Glass (as opposed to plastic) is recyclable, as are the packing materials.  Where needed, such as the lids and pumps, vegetable­‐based plastics are used, which are less damaging on the environment.  The company is also committed to buying from Fair-Trade sources, that work to provide a fair standard of living for others.

Currently, Neuth only produces 2 products that are crafted in small batches: Crème pour Visage and Afterglow Serum.  Unfortunately due to International shipping restrictions concerning liquids, Alison could only send me the Crème pour Visage.

Neuth Creme pour Visage


Neuth Crème pour Visage  is a facial cleansing cream that has a crisp citrus scent.  It is contains a variety of natural oils – organic grape seed oil and organic unrefined coconut oil – to gently cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.  It has a denser texture than I’m used to with other cleansing creams, but it spreads easily as I massage my face with it.  I first dab it all over my face – forehead, cheeks, chin, nose; then I massage over dry skin.  Therafter, I take a soft cloth, run it under warm water, and gently wipe off.  I was amazed at how well Neuth Crème pour Visage removed my makeup without making my skin feel overly taut!

In this day and age where foaming cleanser, synthetic cleansing oils, and even miceller water are the rage, it seemed almost a “backward” step to go with a cream cleanser that required a longer cleansing ritual.  Most other cleansing creams that I’ve used in the past could be easily wiped off with a dry cotton pad or rinsed off under running water, but I found these to be not as effective for Neuth as using a wet washcloth.  And once I got into it myself, I finally understood Neuth’s perspective:

…if we don’t take the time to relish in ourselves, pamper ourselves, (and this extends far beyond skin care, into exercise, eating well, visiting with friends, pursuing passions, etc) how can we be good stewards of the world?  Should we be seeking faster and faster answers, or perhaps take a moment to reflect in the stillness?

The only other cleanser that comes to mind with a similar texture and cleansing procedure is Eve Lom’s Balm Cleanser.  Unfortunately, Eve Lom’s rendition turned my face red and splotchy, whilst Neuth’s does not.  And the difference, is that Eve Lom’s cleanser’s base is mineral oil (petroleum by-product) whereas Neuth’s uses natural plant oil.
To complete the ritual, Neuth recommends massaging all over with the Afterglow Serum.  Unfortunately, I was not able to experience this in person, but if the Crème pour Visage is anything to judge by, the Afterglow Serum should be equally pampering.
If you are interested in experience these luxurious treats, Neuth is offering a bundled set for a discounted price of $99 on its online shop!  Due to the small production batches, Neuth is currently unable to ship overseas.  But for US residents, do check it out at!

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