Mani Monday: NARS x Pierre Hardy Sharks!

July 8, 2013

To kickstart Mani Monday, I’d like to share my thoughts on the NARS x Pierre Hardy nail polish collaboration in Sharks.  This was 1 of 6 coordinated sets that were launched in May for the Summer 2013 collection.  Each set is inspired by Pierre Hardy’s high fashion shoe collection, and is presented in a mini shoe box with an accompanying dust bag.  I was lemming for some pastel polishes this summer, and Sharks caught my eye.

NARS x Pierre Hardy Nail Polish in Sharks

This is my 2nd time applying NARS nail polishes (the 1st was NARS x Andy Warhol Photobooth – reviewed here), and I found the applicator to be somewhat clumsier than on the minis.  For those unfamiliar with NARS polishes, the square bottle cap does not snap off like the ones on YSL/Chanel, instead you have to maneuver with it on.  I didn’t have as much problem with it on the mini bottles, but I found these larger-sized ones to be quite unwieldy on my small hands.

Sharks consisted of a pale yellow and a lavender shade.  Having experienced the creamy formula in Photobooth, I was quite disappointed to find that the yellow shade was rather thin in terms of coverage and streaky.  The lavender shade was much better, I was able to get a smooth, opaque look with 2 coats.  However, the yellow needed 3 coats, and I had problems getting a nice smooth texture out of it.  Nonetheless, I think this may be simply a function of yellow being yellow… and my own lousy skills.  I just expected much more from NARS ya’know?

NARS x Pierre Hardy Nail Polish in Sharks NOTD


NARS x Pierre Hardy Nail Polish in Sharks NOTD

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