NARS Lost Coast Eyeshadow Duo

May 13, 2014

After lunging head-first into the sea of Summer 2014 releases, I almost missed the NARS Adult Swim collection. Until Daph showed me a picture of this new eyeshadow duo (what will I do without my IG family)…

NARS Lost Coast Eyeshadow DuoNARS Lost Coast Eyeshadow Duo took me completely by surprise. With all the bright, bold colors (including a very unexpected BLUE palette from Tom Ford, and a peacock-hued palette from YSL – review coming up very soon!) reigning this season, NARS brings us to a quieter place, which by virtue of its contrast feels fresh, sexy in a sleek and non-obtrusive way. I found the combination of an icy lavender and warm pewter very unexpected and thought provoking.

NARS Lost Coast swatches

It was a little bit disappointing to find the quality of the shades in Lost Coast to be somewhat powdery, and the color to lack any sort of intensity. The left side pewter shade applies better and lasted me throughout the day. The right side lavender shade is more challenging to work with, requiring a good primer and a heavy hand to show up on my lids. It tended to turn chalky and works best either with a darkening base underneath or applied wet. Having said that, it wore well without fading or creasing. It also had that miracle eye-brightening property that instantly converts even the most skeptical viewer.

NARS Lost Coast EOTD w Iraklion

Given the lightness of the shades, I wanted to see how far I can take Lost Coast up to. And I’m happy to report that all is not lost for those (like me) who like a bit more color on their lids. In the EOTD above, I used Dior’s Backstage Eye Prime across the entire lid, and that’s about it. The lavender took a bit of work, but I’m happy the color comes through in a barely-there way, not sheer, just brightening without being TOO PURPLE. And the pewter works well as a deepening shade that I’ve placed just at the very end to elongate my eye. I did cheat with Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner in Ro(Cocoa) along my lower lash line and going under the lash line with some of the pewter.

And just before I dozed off into dreamland, I caught a look sported by Aria in Pretty Little Liars Episode 24 (now you know my embarrassing propensity for teen flicks!!), and woke up the next morning inspired. Now, if you know Aria, she’s all about the Goth look, and nobody wears the smoky eye better than she does. So, when I thought she was wearing nothing but black liner whilst modeling a wedding gown, I paused frame and took a double take.

NARS Lost Coast EOTD

I swear the makeup artist was using Lost Coast, or damned close to it, because this was the combination she sported – lavender along the lash line taken up to mid-lid, with pewter in the crease taken all around to the sides. This is one of those times I really wished I had a defined socket bone / crease to bring this look out, but this was the best I could manage. But for questionably flat shapeless eyes like mine, it gives some semblance of definition without having to go completely drama mama by cutting crease, and makes the center pop.


At SGD50 for 4gm, NARS Lost Coast Eyeshadow Duo doesn’t break the bank… but it was more a purchase of a color idea for me. The quality of the eyeshadows could certainly have been better – more pigmented, less chalky, less powdery. But let’s not be irrational… it isn’t bad quality, and half the price with double the quantity of a new Chanel quad. So let’s not get our bikinis all twisted up.


0 responses to “NARS Lost Coast Eyeshadow Duo”

  1. Shari says:

    I like the subtlety of the shades because had they been super pigmented, I dont think I’d like it as much. 🙂 Beautiful eye looks Linda!

  2. Ruby says:

    Love the looks you created using this palette. I like it that the colours are not too strong.

  3. Hi Linda,
    both of the eye looks are stunning. I especially like the first one, both of the shades seem to intense there, even without a darker base. Now I rethink getting that duo. I already have my eyes on the other one, which I was thinking over and over again but just couldn’t pull the trigger, *sigh* wish we had a Nars Counter to check things out in person. I might drive to France just for that 😉

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Sara, thank you so much for your kind words. The other duo has much better texture and pigmentation. The lilac shade in particular is stunning, slightly more intense than the one in Lost Coast, with a slight sheen. It is the lime green that I have a problem with… the texture is awesome, but seriously, how to wear???

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