NARS x Andy Warhol Photo booth swatches & review

June 14, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! Mine is especially great because (a) I’m off next Mon-Wed so it’s going to be a LOOOONNNGG weekend *yay*, and (b) I had a massive haul, and i mean MASSIVE, at the Shiseido private sale couple of days ago!

Everybody must have heard about NARS being on sale, because it looked like the whole S’pore turned up. I was there before the official opening time, and there was already a crazy queue to enter. I spent 45 minutes inside, and I never made it to the front of the NARS counter! Instead, I drew on my inner fishmonger, and shouted over shoulders for the NARS x Andy Warhol sets. And I managed to bag Photobooth, which was a set of 4 mini nail lacquers; and Beautiful Darling, which consisted of an eyeshadow duo, lip gloss and a mini nail lacquer. I also got one of the Self Portrait eyeshadow palettes just because i’m an Andy Warhol fan.

NARS x Andy Warhol Photo Booth & Beautiful Darling

Anyway, I final got rid of some dreadful gelish (which would make reason #3 i’m over the moon right now), so I decided to swatch all the lovely mini nail lacquers!

NARS x Andy Warhol Photo Booth & Beautiful Darling nail polishes

I did one on each nail just for the heck of it (and also because I was too lazy to swatch a full set of each color…pls forgive me!!!).

NARS x Andy Warhol Photo Booth & Beautiful Darling nail polishes swatches

I topped it all off with a coating of my fav Guerlain Gel Top Coat (reviewed here), don’t think they look cute?!??

These NARS formula were incredibly creamy, and surprisingly easy to apply, especially given how tiny and sparse the brushes were! The biggest surprise for me was Chelsea Girls, which was a flesh-toned nude. I didn’t like it when I saw it in the bottle, and I expected it to be extremely streaky simply because that’s my experience thus far with all nudes & light colors. However, Chelsea Girls did not streak! Also, the color looked rather blah to me in the bottle, but I thought it looked quite elegant and somewhat refreshing on my tips.

My biggest disappointment was Silver Factory. Andy Warhol’s famous Silver Clouds was one of my favorite work from his oeuvre, and I expected Silver Factory to be a foil-like silver.

Andy Warhol silver pillows

However, it turned out to be a silver glitter formula that took 3 coats to cover completely. And even then, it was not a smooth “aluminum”-like effect. It was just your regular, silver glitter that you can get from any thrift shop for $1.

The rest of the shades were all great. Soup Can is a true red that is quite lovely, but easily dupeable. Back Room is an opaque black, something that I needed for my collection. Candy Darling is a very close to NARS Schiapp (which I have and will swatch soon) but is slightly more purple.

All the shades, with the exception of Silver Factory, required 2 coats for full coverage. They also dried surprisingly fast, not as fast as Guerlain’s formula, but fast enough (approximately 15 minutes) that I didn’t end up messing it all up!

The NARS x Andy Warhol collection also contained some rather interesting full-sized nail polishes that were sold individually. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get any of them which is a pity, although Back Room is 1 of the full-sized shades as well.

So there you go. With each of the mini bottles containing 7ml of product (vs 15ml in the full-sized), this was actually a good buy at SGD$30 a set (the usual price on a full-sized is SGD30). I believe there are still a few sets floating around on the Internet, so grab them if they interest you!

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