NARS And God Created The Woman set

July 17, 2013

Congratulations, we made it past mid-week!!  *Self-pats*  Not only are we closer to the weekend, we are also hours away from Luxasia’s warehouse sale (read the announcement here)!!!  *Yippee*  For the past few days I’ve been sporting a day-appropriate smokey eye look for work, switching out of my bare eyes + red lip routine of the past weeks.  And what better way to do that then with a lovely neutral palette by everybody’s favorite NARS?  Actually, I’ve not embraced NARS quite as much as everybody else in town.  Primarily because it isn’t a new brand to me, it was one of the first departmental store brands I picked up during college in the US, and I just never really fell hard for it the way I did for Stila.  Such emotional connections matter a great deal to me when picking beauty products…are you the same way too?

Anyway, I digressed!  For my palette of choice for a neutral work-appropriate smokey eye look, I chose NARS’ And God Created The Woman.

NARS And God Made the Woman set

And God Created The Woman was named for “Et Dieu… créa la femme,” the classic 1956 French film that made Brigitte Bardot an overnight sensation.  The set comprises of a 6-pan eye shadow palette, a mini (2.7ml) version of NARS’ Smudgeproof Eyes, and a travel-sized version of NARS’ No. 3 eyeshadow brush.

NARS And God Made The Woman palette

The eye shadow palette contains some classic NARS shades and some exclusive colours.  Clockwise from top right:

This was originally a Sephora-exclusive in the US, and I had ordered it as part of a huge online haul some months back; but I think the NARS counter in TANGS has just recently brought them in.

The thing that a lot of people complained about, is the size of the palette.  This is a true travel / pocket sized palette, by which I mean… it’s tiny!  It is probably the size of an iPhone 5, but slimmer and much lighter.  Each shade comes with only 0.03oz (which translates to roughly 6 x 0.9g = 5.4g)… not very much bang for your buck if you ask me.  But this is not the stingiest palette in recent memory (looking at you, Lancome!), and considering you do get a rather handy brush and eye shadow primer with it, it is still relatively acceptable in my dictionary.

The main draw for me was the variety of shades and textures of this palette.  I absolutely luuuurved Night Clubbing, and would not hesitate to wear this on its own or as a liner on my bottom lid for some pop.  Alhambra is reminiscent of Stila’s Kitten, and can be worn on its own swept on top of a darker shade as a highlighter, or added to the inside corners to waken up the eyes.  Kalahari is great for an added pop of sparkle.  Galapagos is also a very versatile shade… yes, I love my glitters!  NARS glitters don’t disappoint, they are fine and they shine.  There is some fallout with these though, so a good eyeshadow primer is a must (as with all glitters).  Coconut Grove is my favorite for a day smokey eye without looking too drag!  The only shade that I don’t quite love is Bellisima because I can’t seem to get the color to stand out on my lids.

And that brings me to… NARS Smudgeproof Eyes.  This is a very watery formula, and comes packaged like lip glosses with a doefoot applicator.  My problem was that you have to be super careful when applying this because if it touches your foundation (especially powder), then it does tend to cause your foundation to streak, and once Smudgeproof Eyes dries, it is near impossible to correct the streaks!  An alternative is to perhaps apply Smudgeproof Eyes before foundation.  The other thing is the lack of slip in Smudgeproof Eyes, so blending out shadows to the very edge of your eyes and brow bone is not as easy as it should be.  I also found that it didn’t intensify the shades quite as much.  On the plus side, it does seem to hold my eye shadow very well, with no piling into creases.

NARS And God Created the Woman EOTDFor my chosen day look, I used Night Clubbing as a liner, and dusted Coconut Grove along the crease and outer eye.  I then patted Kalahari from my inner eye corner to the middle and blended in with Coconut Grove.  Finally, I dusted Alhambra along the top.

So, tell me, what do you think of And God Created The Woman?  Are you a NARS lover or not?  Are you emotional about your beauty purchases like me?

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  1. Memoiselle says:

    Hey Linda,
    this is such a gorgeous palette! I need to check on this palette in Tangs soon. It looks so beautiful 😀

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