My love affair with La Mer…

October 7, 2012
I was super excited last month when I found out that Vanitytrove was partnering with La Mer to conduct a series of workshops.  More excited still to find out that La Mer is launching a new product  after a long hiatus!
My love affair with La Mer started over 7 years ago when I was living in the US.  Back then, I was skiing every weekend, and then spending an hour standing under a steaming shower to defrost.  These did unspeakable damage to my sensitive skin, turning my face into a patchy mess of flakey, itchy nightmare.  I tried every available product that might help – thermal spring water promising to soothe, Icelandic water bearing unlocked glacial minerals, dermatologist-recommended brands, etc.  It was not until a kind SA gave me a sample of Crème de La Mer, that I found my relief.
The ritual required to activate the Miracle Broth contained within the Crème took some getting used to, and the thicker texture seemed daunting initially.  But this gentle product felt amazingly soothing upon application, the light aroma is pleasing and soothing, and over time, my skin was babied back to health!
When I moved back to humid Singapore, the Crème got too rich for my daily use, and I turned first to the lotion and later to the gel-cream.  But eventually, the huge pricing gap between Singapore and US became too daunting, especially when my skin condition improved.  As other brands pushed out newer products, I soon swayed……
The recent workshop provided me with an opportunity to rediscover my love for La Mer.  It is truly impressive to learn that even in this current environment where mass marketing is de rigour, La Mer has kept to its roots of maintaining a private sea kelp farm, harvesting in a sustainable manner, spending months distilling each drop of miracle broth that goes into every La Mer product, and hand-filling each tub of Crème de La Mer!  It is this commitment to quality that places La Mer in the luxury end of the market.
During the course of the workshop, I was introduced to the new soft cream, and re-united with some of my faves:
The new Moisturizing Soft Cream… a soufflé textured cream that contains all of the benefits of the original Crème, truly yummy!
The Refining Facial… a fine textured facial scrub that contains as much as 2 carats of diamond powder and sea quartz to exfoliate and boost skin’s circulation, a real luxury to look forward to every morning!
The Eye Concentrate… a light gel-like cream that is meant to be massaged into the eye area with the accompanying silver applicator, works wonders for my sensitive eye area, bringing hydration and life.
The SPF 18 Fluid Tint… this tinted sunblock was one of my first loves at La Mer… it was there for me before BB creams came into popularity.  It was luxe skincare that soothed my hyper sensitized skin, and helped even out the red blotchiness and bring a healthy glow back to my face!
The Powder… in translucent shade, topped it all off… giving me the confidence to step out even on my worst skin day!  This is also the one product from La Mer that I have been faithful to throughout the years!
I also got to learn about and try all the La Mer serums… the Regenerating SerumBrightening Essence Intense, and Lifting Intensifier are definitely on my shortlist of products to acquire next!
At the end of the workshop, Vanitytrove members got to bring home a 3-piece deluxe trove and a voucher for an eye treatment massage worth $150!
Thinking back to what made me fall in love with La Mer 7 years ago, apart from the excellent products, what impressed me was the dedication and knowledge that all the sales advisors had for the La Mer range of products.  Granted it is priced on the luxury end of the market, but I never encountered any snottiness.  Instead, each SA i encountered were genuinely willing to help address my skin’s needs, and were always happy to provide a generous sample for me to try!  And this was perhaps the greatest touch amiss when I came back to Singapore.  Coupled with the considerable pricing gap between US and Singapore, it was easy to be distracted by the other newest and latest kid on the block.  Perhaps things will change over time?

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  1. Lilian says:

    Wow I am reading something you wrote back in Yr 2012! I know I found answers from your blog! La Mer definitely has a lot of products to explore tht led me to confusion of which one to start! Thanks to your blog now I am clear what I need.

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