A Minuet of Roses: Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne

February 12, 2015

This week’s fragrance review is a bit earlier, so that you still have some time to go out and get something nice for Valentines’ Day. Nothing is more romantic than roses, and for this special occasion, I’ve teamed up with the gorgeous Sara of Colormeloud to bring you… A Minuet of Roses!

Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense

There are fresh roses for the powder room, happy youthful roses for the spring… and there are sexy roses for the boudoir… Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud belongs to the latter. The fragrance is the quintessential womanly scent for me… preparing for a romantic date in the private seclusion of my own room, getting dressed thoughtfully to charm and luxuriate in his gaze and attention. They say dress according to the way you want to be treated… and when you dress yourself in Jo Malone’s Velvet Rose & Oud, you demand to be treated like the lady you are.

The combination of rose and oud is not a novel thing, it has been done many times before. In fact, when I first took a whiff of Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud, I was reminded of Giorgio Armani Prive’s Rose d’Arabie, a fragrance that I had considered many times but always ended up walking away. The notes in both are very similar and fairly straightforward – rose and oud predominate. But where the two differed, is in the accompaniments. Jo Malone added just a hint of clove for some spiciness and to bring out the oud, and a sprinkling of praline to accentuate the natural floral sweetness of the rose. The overall effect is a very well balanced blend of velvety rose and woody oud. It is sensual without a doubt, but in moderation for an overall modern effect.

Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense

What better way to round off a romantic date than to retreat into the warm private embrace of your own space, lush carpet underfoot, damask silken sheets, chocolate pralines and a good bottle of wine awaiting at the side. And with a good 6-8 hours’ wear, Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud will see you all the way through your romantic evening.

Now if you’re not a fan of oud, and are seeking a fresh-cut bouquet of red roses, please head on over to Sara’s post on Jo Malone’s Red Roses Cologne!

xo Linda