Maybelline ColorSensational lipsticks BoldMattes & NeoNudes

May 6, 2013

I’ve been raiding the drugstore lately… because, who doesn’t love affordable (I wanted to type cheap, but that’s so not true when the prices are 2-3x higher than US :<) makeup?!  Because I have finicky skin, I’m very selective about the products to try.  Also, I consider products with bad color pay-off / no staying power to be a waste of money (rather than buy 10 throw-away items, I’d much rather invest in 1 that I’ll treasure).  So, my usual go-to drugstore items are lip colors, mascaras, and hair products.  And this season, it has been lip colors after lip colors!  After trying Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Suede and sorely disappointed (you can read all about it here), I was almost afraid to try the new Maybelline ColorSensational Bold Matte lipsticks.  But these new lippies from Maybelline are so bright and there was so much hype, I really wanted to find out for myself!

Maybelline Bold Mattes Neo Nudes

Maybelline ColorSensational Bold Matte lipcolor

 “Maybelline launches a new level of matte lip color that delivers luminosity and bolder vivid color like never before.  Enriched with crystal-pure undiluted pigments that deliver superior color saturation, and hydrated with honey nectar that nourishes lips, the Maybelline Bold Matte brings out the color from within for perfect light illumination.”

My first impression was: boy are these loud!  But after swatching them on my hand, I was blown away by how gorgeous the shades are!  I never thought you could have this many different shades of bright reds and pinks!  The best part is that all the shades are quite wearable, nothing so far-out that it would make you look drag or costume-y.

I eventually settled on MAT2 Sugar Pink and MAT4 Vivid Coral because they were sufficiently different, yet most wearable for me.  The other shades were either too pink or orange for my preference.

Despite its name, I found the Maybelline ColorSensational Bold Mattes to be rather creamy in texture.  This allowed the lipsticks to glide over my lip very easily, and did not settle into lines the way Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Suede did.  However, if you were looking for a truly matte look, this is not the one for you.  They applied with a slight sheen, but is sufficiently pigmented to still look bold and opaque in just 1 coat.  My problem with the Bold Mattes, is that they didn’t stay on my lips as much as I’d like.  They transferred onto my cup and whatever else to the same degree as any other lipstick, although much more noticeable due to the intensity of the color.

Maybelline ColorSensational NeoNude lipcolor

“Maybelline ColorSensational NeoNudes is a sweet collection ofnude corals and pinks to effortlessly pull any getup together. It is the perfect complement to dramatic smoky eyes, helping to complete the look without stealing the show!”

I fell in love with this formula the moment I swatched them!  The colors look pale on the tube, but is well pigmented on skin.  I loved how it gives a dewy finish without being too sheer.  In some ways, it reminds me of Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shines (read my review here), but these are less shiny comparatively, and more opaque.

The color choices are somewhat limited though, most of them being really nude, with the exception of NEO5 which I only happened to come across at 1 Guardian outlet after scouring all the Watsons in my neighborhood!  I eventually settled on NEO4 Velvet Coral and NEO5 Nude Pink.  The swatches look somewhat sheer, but I usually wear these after first filling in my lip with a matching lip pencil, and the color really stands out.

And here is a photo of my haul!

Maybelline lipsticks

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a decent picture that shows each of the lipsticks accurately.  The swatches below should give you a better idea of how the colors really turn out.

Maybelline lipstick swatches

Maybelline ColorSensational NeoNudes are limited edition, so grab yours while you can!