October 10th, 2017

Marc Jacobs Smartorial & Edgitorial Eye-conic Palettes, and eye brushes

After a really content heavy week, I am finally finding some time to get to the last instalment of this mini-series.  I hope you have been enjoying all the various eye makeup palettes of late, and today I’d like to bring you 2 more from Marc Jacobs’ Eye-conic Collection – Sartorial and Edgitorial!

Marc Jacobs Smartorial Edgitorial feature

There has been lots of red tones so far this season, and it is nice to take a change of scenery and feast our eyes on some blues and greens.

Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Multi-finish Eye Palette Smartorial

Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Multi-finish Eye Palette Smartorial is a study in steely greys and blues.  As with the rest of the Eye-conic collection, I really appreciate the range of intensities and finishes there are within these new 7-colour palettes, as well as the complementary color story that allows mixing and matching at will to create flattering looks.

Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Multi-finish Eye Palette Smartorial swatches

From left to right, the shades are:

  • Whenever – matte ivory
  • In Doubt – steely metallic silver
  • Power Platforms – medium cobalt blue with a matte finish.  This is the weakest of all the shades I’ve tested so far from this collection.  It lacks pigmentation and never achieves full opacity, which is a pity because it’s a really gorgeous and uncommon shade of blue.
  • Make Sure – dark teal with a matte finish.  This is again a little patchy, though much more buildable than the previous.  It’s very disappointing considering how lovely this other similar teal is.
  • (For Once) – blackened teal with a dual-chrome metallic cast.  This shade makes up for the matte one before it, and it is insanely pigmented – 1 swipe!  It definitely swatches much darker than it appears in the pan.
  • They Know Who – medium gold
  • Runs The Show – medium brown with a satin finish.  This again swatches differently from how it appears in the pan.

Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Multi-finish Eye Palette Smartorial eye makeup look

For this eye look, I started by buffing Runs The Show all over my lid, followed by (For Once) on the outer half, keeping close to the lash line and blending upwards and outwards.  Next, I patted some They Know Who in the middle of the lid for some dimension, lined lower lash line with Make Sure, and added Whenever to the inner corner.

Here is the full look in context:

Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Multi-finish Eye Palette Smartorial makeup look

Smartorial is clearly the weakest of all the 6 new Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Palettes released so far, but I am still able to create a very wearable and flattering eye look out of it.  The lack of opacity from Power Platforms is definitely a disappointment for me, and now that I’ve tried using this palette, I’m also a little lost as to how best to make use of the cobalt blue as it does not seem to pair well with any of the other shades.

Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Multi-finish Eye Palette Edgitorial

Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Multi-finish Eye Palette Edgitorial is a very different palette from all of the others.  It seems to be one of those workhorse palettes consisting of all neutrals, and not a single central pop of color.  However, I was very wrong in all counts!  This is a warm-toned, safari-themed palette that is really quite exciting!

Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Multi-finish Eye Palette Edgitorial swatches

From left to right, the shades are:

  • Take A Memo – pale warm-toned pink with a matte finish
  • Next Season – insanely pigmented ivory with a metallic finish
  • We’ll See – warm mid-toned camel brown with a smooth matte finish
  • Pleather Python – the most lush antique gold I’ve ever touched!
  • Making A Scene – medium metallic taupe… i die!
  • Enviously – deep warm-toned forest green with a matte finish
  • Everywhere – deep blackened olive with a matte base and sprinkled with micro-shimmers.  This shade is incredibly pigmented and smooth, but my finger skipped and I mucked up the swatch. Life happens.

Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Multi-finish Eye Palette Edgitorial Eye makeup look

I should have been much more daring, and I intend to get back to Edgitorial again soon.  But the clock is ticking, and we have the proverbial miles to go before I sleep.  In this eye look I started with Making A Scene on the inner half of the lid, followed by Enviously on the outer half.  I dabbed Pleather Python on the center, and lined lower lash line with Everywhere.  Finished with Next Season on the inner corner.

Here is the full look:

Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Multi-finish Eye Palette Edgitorial makeup look

Beautiful palettes need beautiful brushes to accompany them!  I usually favour natural squirrel or goat hair brushes over synthetics, but these are so well made I have actually been reaching for them daily!  My favourite is The Shadow (bottom) as it is plush and picks up the right amount of color, and the bristles are shorter so they allow greater control when blending and laying down color.  The Crease (middle) is also a really great workhorse for blending and buffing out harsh edges.  The Smudge (top) works well as a liner, and I was pleasantly surprised it doesn’t scratch my delicate undereye and water-line!

Marc Jacobs eye brushes

What do you think of all the Marc Jacobs Eye-conic palettes so far?  I have been very happy and definitely had a lot of fun playing with all 6 of the new palettes.  Please hop over here here to check out Provocouture and Frivoluxe, and for Glambition and Scandalust.  The quality is definitely much improved across the board, and every palette can be enjoyed by everyone!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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Empties Vol. 3: August - September 2017

  • These palettes are sooooo pretty! I came across this photo recently – hang on and I’ll get the link too. Anyhow, I was SO completely obsessed with the eyeshadow look that I had to get the palette and liner. Both MJ products but the palette was older and I was so desperate I resorted to Ebay this weekend to get it. It was the Vert liner which is available and the Vamp palette, which I guess is not. But I couldn’t resist buying it.

    here’s the photo of the look I wanted to recreate:


    Amazing right?

    • omg I LOVE that look!!! I think you can achieve it with Frivoluxe actually. I wasn’t so crazy about the older 7-colour palette to be honest. But the liners are great!

  • Lily

    I’ve been enjoying synthetic brushes lately too. They’re so much easier to care for, unlike the really expensive squirrel hair brushes 😀

    • Hahaha…. some of these synthetic brushes are just as expensive actually ;P But these are really plush and do the job well!

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