Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon: Pink Straight & Plum N Get It

February 17, 2018

Where has the time gone?!  I thought I’d have plenty of peace and quiet when I was away in lonely Cologne for 2 weeks to catch up on blog reviews, but clearly I didn’t.  Today is the first day of the lunar new year and contrary to the usual rush of festivities, we are quarantined at home because my little one is still working a bout of HFMD out of his body.  I woke up thinking I’d be able to get some work done, but clearly that didn’t pan out either.  Instead, I spent the day at the playground with the kiddo followed by a nice long nap, and that’s time well spent in my books!

Now that the household has quietened down at last, let me show you my latest lip obsession – Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon!

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon

Marc Jacobs Beauty has several amazing lip formulas, with a wide variety of finishes and textures.  And for those looking for ultra-pigmented color and long-lasting wear, the new Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon will knock your socks off!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon

These Lip Crayons come in a convenient jumbo pencil format with an easy twist-up mechanism that also twists back down (which I recommend you do to prevent the tip from getting all smashed in by the cap).  The tip is wide enough to make short work of covering the entire lip, yet sufficiently nimble to line the corners without mess.

There are 10 shades, including an avant-garde shade Blacquer, which as fans will recognise is Marc Jacobs’ signature deep jet black.  Here are some arm swatches to give you an idea of the range of colors available:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon**Swatches courtesy of the sweet @musicalhouses who was conveniently seated next to me and diligently swatching away during the press preview!  Pop by and show her some love!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon feature a smooth, slick texture that glides on the lips easily without skipping nor tugging, which is incredibly rare for a matte lipstick.  It is instantly opaque and fully pigmented, trying to dab on for a stain is next to impossible.  On the other hand, there is a good minute or so after application for you to blot down to a stain if so desired, or feather out using a brush or finger for a ombre / bitten look.  Once it sets though, it doesn’t budge easily… so you can add on another color for dual-tone effect!

I have 2 shades, both of which I personally adore, and here is how they look on me:

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon Pink Straight Plum N Get It lip swatches

As you can see from the lip swatches, there is a hidden pearl that gives the Lip Crayon a sort of lustrous sheen that is only visible as the light hits the high points, creating a beautiful dimensional look.  Love this so much more than the flat matte lips on Instagram!

Having worn these Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayons for the past few weeks, I am blown away by their longevity.  These last me all day, surviving through my breakfast muffin, numerous cups of coffee throughout the day, a heavy oily lunch, and constant sips of water.  They do wear down gently with oily food, but leave a visible stain behind which I then top off with a gloss or balm.  As with most matte lipsticks, these Lip Crayons may feel a little drying over time.  I apply a layer of balm to prep my lips before applying these, so I’ve not had any problems at all.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayons are now out in Sephora stores.  Check them out here [unaffiliated link].

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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  1. Janine says:

    These are so much more opaque than I would have thought. Definitely see some shades I like. And I love the two that you are wearing. Every time I see lip shades on you, I go out and buy them.

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