No Wallflower with Marc Jacobs The Starlet!

June 26, 2014

Marc Jacobs Eye-con No. 7 The Starlet is 1 of 4 eyeshadow palettes from the Marc Jacobs Beauty line that contains 7 beautiful shades (hence the name “Eye-con No. 7”).

Marc Jacobs Eye-con No. 7 The Starlet



I love the sleek black design of the palette, which is slim enough to fit comfortably in my hand. However, having owned a few of these palettes, I have to say the press-knob closure is not sturdy and breaks after a few times, leaving your palette gaping open with no way of closing shut. The plastic tray cover is also irritating as it slides around and gets in the way of closure. I also managed to break the button on the cotton sleeve with my herculean strength as I was unveiling this palette.

At initial glance, the colors seem to be mostly neutrals – browns and grays, interspersed with some muted colors. However, what ups the star quality of this palette is the all-metallic, shimmery finish of the shades!

Marc Jacobs Eye-con No. 7 The Starlet swatches

The shades, from left to right, are:

The color-payoff of each of the 7 shades are all outstanding. These are some of the creamiest (powder) eyeshadows I have ever swatched, and the colors are all intense and beautiful on their own. This is certainly no wall flower! They are a breeze to apply, and last well on my lids throughout the day even without a primer.

As always, my goal is to create office-appropriate day looks that are interesting without being over the top. And here are a few EOTDs I came up with:

Marc Jacobs Eye-con No. 7 The Starlet EOTD

Rose-champagne on inner half of upper lid and mauve grey on outer half.  Lined lower lash line with medium steel grey, and upper lash line with black liquid liner.  Complete with mascara.

Marc Jacobs Eye-con No. 7 The Starlet EOTD

Medium copper-orange on inner half of upper lid and dark bronze on outer half. Dab olive-goldx in center, and lined lower lash line with dark bronze.

Marc Jacobs Eyecon 7 The Starlet EOTD 3

Light silvery blue all over upper lid and darken outer corner with some medium steel grey. Lined lower lash line with black liner and highlighted inner 1/5 with light blue.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-con No. 7 The Starlet is an exceptional palette, with all the shades bearing excellent textures. Granted they are all metallic and shimmery, and hence may be a little one-note for those seeking a mixture of finishes. However, I personally don’t reach for mattes very often, and I love shine… so this was a wow for me. What do you think?


3 responses to “No Wallflower with Marc Jacobs The Starlet!”

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Of all the MJ palettes, this is the one that looks the most appealing to me. I have a thing with gold shades. I love the eye looks you did. Pretty!

  2. lilian says:

    Hi Linda, I have the same palette and I love it so much.

    • silverkis says:

      yay!!! I love it too! It was so unexpected… because these are not my “type” of shades in general… but the finish and texture are just divine!

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