Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo

October 28, 2016

Applying blushes are no longer just about adding a healthy pop of colour on the cheeks these days.  Marc Jacobs Beauty recently released the Marc Jacobs Air Blush which is a dual-coloured sculpting blush that has a built-in highlighter and cheek colour in 1 handy pan.

Marc Jacobs Airblush

I had a quick glimpse and cursory feel of these Air Blushes at a Sephora Press Day event last July and promptly fell in love.  It took months for these to launch in Singapore, and when I finally a hold of them, I thought they might be overhyped.  But as it turned out, these Marc Jacobs Air Blushes really are quite incredible indeed!

Marc Jacobs Airblush

There are 5 shade combinations available, ranging from the most natural flush to an interesting deep raspberry.  Each pan contains a lighter shade that works as a non-shimmery highlighter, and a deeper cheek colour.  Both shades are arranged in alternating strips, with the highlighter more concentrated on the left of the pan and the blush on the right.  The powder is incredibly finely milled and goes on the skin so smoothly it melds in naturally for that flush-from-within look.  I would describe the blush as well pigmented, although you have the option of dialing the intensity up or down by focusing your brush on either end of the pan.

I have swatched all 5 shades here for your reference.  Each swatch combination features the lighter highlighter shade on the left, followed by the darker blush shade in the middle, and a combined swatch on the right.

Marc Jacobs Air Blush 500 Lush & Libido

marc jacobs airblush 500 lush libido swatches

Marc Jacobs Air Blush 502 Lines & Last Night

marc jacobs airblush 502 lines last-night swatches

Marc Jacobs Air Blush 504 Kink & Kisses

marc jacobs airblush 504 kink kisses swatches

Marc Jacobs Air Blush 506 Flesh & Fantasy

marc jacobs airblush 506 flesh fantasy swatches

Marc Jacobs Air Blush 508 Night Fever & Hot Stuff

marc jacobs airblush 508 night fever hot stuff swatches

According to the Marc Jacobs PR, Kink & Kisses (pictured in the first image on this post) is their best-seller, and no wonder too!  It is that neutral-toned salmon pink that gives a brightening healthy pop of colour without being too pink or orange.  The other top favourite is Lines & Last Night which is my personal pick, along with Flesh & Fantasy which many of my friends on Instagram seem to have chosen.  Regardless of which you go with, you will not regret picking up one or more of these Marc Jacobs Air Blush, as they wear beautifully and lasts all day without fading off!

In case you needed more excuse to try these, Marc Jacobs Beauty has developed 4 ways of wearing the Air Blush.  Coined Draping techniques, the idea is to sculpt and contour using the Air Blush according to your facial shape.  For example, for a youthful look, simply concentrate the colour on the apples of the cheeks as shown in Volumnizing Glow.  On the other hand, Lifting Glow sweeps colour up along the cheek bones for a sculpted look.  Continue to sweep the colour on the temples and sides of the neck where the shadow resides for a Sculpting Glow.  Finally, add on the tops of the brows and hollow of the neck for an even more avant garde Balancing Glow.


Have you tried any of these yet?

xo Linda

This post featured a product that was kindly provided for my consideration, although I picked up a couple more on my own later on.  All opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views!

7 responses to “Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo”

  1. Deslé says:

    Oh my gosh, this is another gorgeous blush collection. So stunning! I want to buy it and just stare at it in my room all day. LOL

  2. Janine says:

    I bought this entire collection and don’t regret any shade! I love the entire collection. I never even waited to open them and get a few great shots for my blog. I just couldn’t wait and now it’s pretty much what I go to every day for blush. Between the 5 palettes…. I’m so happy with blush! These glow!

  3. clidre vandijk says:

    Very nice blushes. Among the best I have. I purchased Lines & Last Nights and Lush & Libido and I love both of them. I prefer goat brushes rather than my usual squirrel ones, because these blushes are more hardly pressed compared to the others I own.

    • silverkis says:

      Oohh I can never choose a favorite… i’m fickle like that. But I’m with you – these are definitely among the best that I own! And thanks for the tip about goat brushes vs squirrels… I’ve been using my Surratt cheek brush with it and it’s working great, but I think I shall be rotating out some of my Hakuhodo goat brushes soon!

  4. I was also thinking they’re overhyped.. Formula-wise I didn’t quite like the older Marc Jacobs blush that I have, although the shade is beautiful. I’ve been eyeing these and Lush & Libido looks like the perfect pale pink to brighten up any complexion – just the kind of shade I’m most drawn to. Maybe I need to place an order…… 😉

    xx Laura | Laurantaina Beauty Blog

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