K-lips Fetish: Coral with MAC Dreaming Dahlia & Precious Fruit

March 18, 2014

So, I have just finished digesting the very last bit of You Who Came From the Stars.  I’ve been intentionally dragging it out, because I can’t imagine life without the melodrama of Cheon Song Yi and the stoic sadness of Do Min Joon.  But all good things must come to an end, and to preserve the memory of it, I’ve been hopelessly caught up by the sheer bright lip trend that was favored by the leading lady.  I know there is a global fever for all things CSY-related, and many of the publicized shades & brands are soldout worldwide.  Whilst I’m glad to have innocuously bagged the infamous YSL 52 while it was available, I am still hot in pursuit for more!

One wildly popular choice is Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick in Neon Orange.  Unfortunately, that shade is just too opaque and warm for me.  My chosen alternative, is the MAC Dreaming Dahlia Lipstick!

MAC Dreaming Dahlia


Dreaming Dahlia is from MAC’s A Fantasy of Flowers Spring 2014 collection.  This is a sheer coral red with a lustrous glossy finish.  It has semi-sheer coverage that can be layered for greater opacity without becoming patchy or streaky.  I found that if I were to dab it on, or apply with a lip brush, the color tends towards peach-coral; whereas if I layered it on straight from the tube, the color goes on more orange.  The texture is slightly balm-like without being overly slick and emollient.  It lasts a good 5 hours on me without any eating or drinking.

I also like to dab on some Mineralize Glass Precious Fruit on the middle of my lips and then blend out.  Precious Fruit is part of a new Mineralize Glass and Mineralize Rich Lipstick that will be launching in April.

MAC Mineralize Glass Precious Fruit


The new range of Mineralize Glass lip glosses come with a new applicator that hugs the curves of the lips and glides easily.  Precious Fruit is a coral cream gloss that does not contain any glitter.  However, it is very glossy without being too sticky.  And it pairs beautifully with Dreaming Dahlia for a juicy coral pout.

MAC Beautiful Dahlia & Precious Fruit LOTD

MAC Beautiful Dahlia & Precious Fruit swatch


0 responses to “K-lips Fetish: Coral with MAC Dreaming Dahlia & Precious Fruit”

  1. this combination is simply amazing!

  2. I love your tweaked version of the jelly orange lip! <3 I must admit despite not loving the show (I still watched the whole damn thing and sacrificed a lot of sleep and emotions, lol) the clear-neon lips have definitely left their mark on me. Haven't reached for any of my opaque lip products in weeks!

    • silverkis says:

      Thanks Kate! I had a hard time getting into the show, but eventually it got under my skin, and I just couldn’t let it go! And yes! Now i’m into this bright lip so much, I can’t barely be bothered with eye makeup! *the horror*

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