Gleaming Mermaid Eyes & Alluring Sirens with MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

June 11, 2014

There is something wrong when a brand veers far out from its usual, and suddenly delivers out-of-this-world colors with never-before-seen quality. Yes, something is very wrong with MAC this year. For Summer 2014, MAC brings us far out to the mythical seas filled with mermaids worshipping in the sun, sea sirens drawing us in with their captivating voices, beautiful loreleis with their flawless skin…. This is the magical world of the Alluring Aquatics!

MAC Alluring Aquatics Eyeshadows

This collection has been talked and dissected to death by every blogger worth his/her salt by now. But they have only just washed ashore out here in Singapore, and I have been so in love with it I can’t touch anything else. It would be churlish of me not to spin more of its web around you, just in case you still have yet to pick one up!

MAC Alluring Aquatics swatches

MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Eyeshadows, from left to right: Lorelei – Sea Worship – Silver Sun – Soul Seranade – Fathom’s Deep

First the swatches.  Beautiful aren’t they?  Yet, the eyeshadows are even more beautiful in real life.  There is a duality with some of the shades, especially Soul Seranade which seems black on me but actually contains some golden shimmer in there which turns it almost green in some light, and on my friend Sara it pulls purple (view her complete swatches here)!  Unfortunately, Legendary Lure did not make the long journey at sea, and so I was unable to swatch it.  But my top favorite is certainly Fathom’s Deep.  There are blues and there are blues… but none as magical as this.  Check out those shimmers! Used as a wash all over, or deepened with some black as a liner… the possibilities are endless!

Lorelei seems to be a popular one (FYI, I’m told it is still available at some counters here so do call around if you’re hunting for it!), and despite being billed as a “golden beige”, it is actually more golden peach.  Certainly an easy one for daytimes, just wash it all over the lid.  But an unexpected favorite for day-time wear, is actually Sea Worship.  It is a platinum taupe, which practically melts into my skin, and gives that post-summer glimmering eyes look without being too obvious.

Silver Sun is a really pretty pewter green with a metallic finish.  It applies a little sheer initially, but can be built up especially if applied wet.  It is perhaps the coolest in tone amongst all the Alluring Aquatics Extra Dimension Eyeshadows.

All of the shades applied very smoothly and had excellent color pay-off.  The colors are exciting, and something I’ve not seen from any other collections this summer.  However, I did experience some fall-out with the more shimmery shades (particularly Fathom’s Deep) so a good primer is necessary.

Unfortunately, my skin is very badly irritated lately, there is a big patch of red inflamed skin under and around my eye.  A couple of mornings I woke up to really dry and puffy lids as well.  So, I am unable to give you proper EOTDs right now… no matter what I did, it would not do these eyeshadows justice at all.  So, my sincere apologies for leaving you to your own creative means.  I will update this space as soon as I can!