Luxasia Warehouse Sale 2013 haul!!!

July 18, 2013

Hello beauty-holics!!!  I wasn’t planning to do haul reviews on this blog… but then I realized I DO have lots of fun looking at other people’s haul… partly to pat myself on the back for showing some restraint after all, and partly to drool in envy at stuff that i missed!  heh!

Anyway, for those of you who are unfamiliar, Luxasia is one of the largest distributor of perfumes and beauty products in Singapore, carrying brands like Guerlain, Burberry, Ana Sui, Bvlgari, etc etc.  They hold an huge warehouse sale at least once a year, last year I braved the sale whilst being extremely pregnant, 2 weeks before my EDD to be exact!  This year, I went bright and early on the first day, and given the rain, the line wasn’t half as bad as I expected.  Somebody mentioned this is Luxasia’s “best” sale in their 11 year history of holding these warehouse sales… and the prices certainly seem cheaper than last year!

Luxasia warehouse sale 2013 makeup haul

I zoomed in on Burberry cosmetics this year because they were completely cleaned out by the time I hit the sale last year.  I haven’t had much encounter with Burberry makeup apart from their lip pencils prior to this, so I was really excited to bag these gorgeous vibrant colors!  The Sheer Powder Foundation felt amazing to the touch and at $19, it was an easy snap decision.  However, I totally failed to check the expiration… sure gotta use this asap!  The other Burberry items I bagged were:

I took my time to get back to the Guerlain counter, by which time, it was so packed I couldn’t really get to the front.  Anyhows, I already owned quite a bit of Guerlain makeup, so it wasn’t a biggie… but i did manage to bag this Parure Gold compact foundation for $27!!

Luxasia warehouse sale 2013 skincare haul

Of course I didn’t skip Guerlain completely!  How could I not pay homage to my love!?!  LOL!  I actually made quite a few new friends… Orchidee lovers unite!  One of my wish-list item for the sale was an Orchidee Imperiale eye cream, and I was sorely disappointed not to see any at the sale… until a kind lady gave up the full box set to me, which contains full-sized concentrate, face cream and eye cream!  *yay!!!*  These were all heavily discounted by as much as 80-85%…considering how much these babies cost originally, I had to remind myself to breathe and not hyperventilate!  😉

Luxasia warehouse sale 2013 - fragrance haul

I wasn’t planning to pick up any fragrances at the sale, but after a very disappointing search for La Prairie skincare, I decided to pick up this box set of Midnight Rain.  I had briefly considered buying it before at TANGS, and it came with a very pretty crystal pendant, so I thought I’d pick it up as a gift for a friend.  Burberry The Beat was a freebie from the early bird lucky dip… yay!

In addition to these, I also grabbed an Aveda hand cream, a few Bvlgari EDPs, Ferragamo Attimo EDP, and a couple of Guerlain eye shadow palettes on behalf of my friend and mom.  Too bad I didn’t get a chance to photograph them!

At the very last minute, I spied some Albion Exage skincare and powders, but seeing as I already got tonnes of those stuff, I decided to skip it for now.  There was also Becca and By Terry… brands that I’ve always wanted to try… but nothing called out to me.  Next time!

And that’s all folks!  If anything appeals to you, there’s still time to hit the sale!  Details can be found on the sale announcement here!

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  1. Memoiselle says:

    Great Haul, Linda!
    I enjoyed the sale very much and I’m currently sorting out the items I bought :p

  2. theunicahija says:

    Can you do an in depth review on the Burberry stuff you got? Your purchases look very interesting, and I’d really like to know more. Great haul, btw. Lucky! 😀

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