It is a Lush Life!

October 25, 2014

I just celebrated my little bub’s birthday yesterday… gosh I cannot believe he is 2 already! And whilst I’d love to just bask in the post-celebration buzz, and reminisce about how my little baby is growing up into his own person; I’m cognizant of how behind I am in posting this. So before October turns to November, and in the spirit of nostalgia, let me bring you the story of my LUSH experience!

Lush soaps

As a teenager, I would spend my weekends and after-school hours prowling Wisma Atria (one of the malls on the main shopping district in Singapore). That was when Wisma was new and cool, and frankly there weren’t as many malls to hang out at.  One day, this funky looking shop popped up that perfumed the air all around.  It was Lush.  It was interesting, with its raw soaps and grocery-style layout.  But the one thing that always held me at bay was the overpowering smell that just attacks your senses.  As the years went by, the lack of ventilation made that particular spot quite disorientating. So I held my breath and rushed on by. But all that changed when their new Suntec outlet opened!  I was invited in for a hands-on event, and boy was I blown away!  Lush’s new home is much airier with high ceilings, there was no heady scent in the air, and I could pause to enjoy each sensorial joy that was each product.

Lush fresh mask table

Now, there was always something about Lush that reminded me of The Body Shop… and no wonders why, because Lush is founded by the same team who used to create products for The Body Shop, made their millions and lost it all on a mail-order cosmetics business.  But the spirit of entrepreneurship did not end there, but the founders went back to their roots, sourced ingredients from their local grocery stores (because that was all they could afford at that time), and created something totally fresh and novel – Lush was born.

Lush personalization

Even today, every Lush product is hand-made and sold fresh – you can even see a picture of the person who made the product on the label!  That is the reason why products across different markets may look different as the ingredients are sourced locally and made by people with different styles. They are basically the same, just personalized.

Making of Think Pink

If I had thought there was a giant factory somewhere punching out the products on a mass production conveyor belt, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I got to witness a live demonstration, AND I also got hands-on in making my own Think Pink Bath Bomb!  It really wasn’t all that difficult, and kinda fun too, except it could get a bit tiring… imagine doing this hundreds of times a day!

Meryl & Linda making Think Pinks

Photo evidence that Meryl and I rolled up our sleeves, strapped on a pair (of aprons!) and made our own Think Pink Bath Bombs!

Lush Think Pink Bath Ballistic

Think Pink is not only pretty with the soluble flowers and glitter hearts, it also smells amazing!  Some of my favorite scents – neroli, tonka bean, vanilla absolute – are present, so it is bound to be a pleasurable bath!

Lush Granny Takes a Dip

Lush products also has some really witty tongue-in-cheek names that make the entire experience all the more memorable.  Take for example the recently launched Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb.  This is a psychedelic fizzer that changes color as the various rings comes into contact with water.  It’s really quite groovy, baby!

Lush Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb

But just in case, Granny Takes a Dip is anything but old lady.  It smells of lemon, black pepper and fresh ginger.  It doesn’t get more uplifting than this.

Lush Parsley Porridge

No time for a soak?  For an everyday fast efficient squeaky clean, there is Parsley Porridge.  This was created to replace an older Lush favorite 13 Unlucky for Dirt, and it contains ingredients such as parsley, oatmeal, thyme, tea tree oil, and aloe gel to get rid of every single speck of dirt after a long day.  It is antibacterial as well, which is really great if you have kids running around the house!

Lush Magnificent Soap

Need something a little less austere for the mornings?  How about a little Magnificent?!  This smells like fresh mangos and lemons, it even contains a bunch of vitamins and minerals – calcium, potassium, vitamins A, E, C, and several Bs… it is almost as good as breakfast!

Lush African Paradise

Spent too much time soaking and the skin is feeling dried out?  Why not try a body conditioner?  You know how you slather on something creamy on your hair after shampooing to soothe those cuticles… apply the same concept to the body!  Stroke of brilliance if you ask me, why didn’t anyone think of it before!  The latest African Paradise Body Conditioner contains moringa rich in vitamins and proteins, mango juice to cleanse and brighten the skin, and clove bud oil and sandalwood oil for that delicately spicy scent to perk things up a little.

Lush D'Fluff Shaving Soap

And for that special somewhere down there… there is D’fluff Shaving Cream!  This is like strawberry whipped cream, and it leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.  I almost wished I had more hair so I can smear this all over my body!

Lush Oatifix mask

Speaking of things that are good enough to eat… I brought home a tub of Oatifix Fresh Face Mask.  This is not new, but it is a perennial fave.  It has calming oats, softening mashed bananas and ground almonds to slough away dead skin.  It is great for soothing sensitized skin (which is mine almost all the time) and feels so amazing when I take it out cold from the fridge!  Seriously, I had to keep reminding my hubby not to eat it!

Lush Zest Hair Gelly

You can’t sneak a box of Lush goodies home without something for the men (just to keep their mouths shut if you know what I mean)… and there’s a new Zest Hair Gelly that will keep things in place.  It must be the most powerful hair shaping product el hubs has ever tried, I’ve never seen his hair stand up like that!  A mohawk for halloween, perhaps?

Lots of really cool stuff to check out, and if holding your nose while shopping isn’t your thing, consider checking out the new Lush outlet at Suntec City Convention Center #01-303!  Even if you walk away empty-handed (not likely!) you’ll be re-energized just by meeting some of the most passionate people in town.  For me, the story behind the brand, and the ideas, hopes and dreams that go into the making of each product, makes it a truly Lush experience.

Before I go, let me leave you with some images of my lil one in action.  He told me when to shoot some of the images above by peering over my shoulder and telling me “ok go!” when he thinks i should click.  And then he piled whatever he could handle, carried them over to “his spot” and took over completely using my iPhone!  Yes, I will continue to dress him in onesies at home until that becomes an impossibility #growingtoofast.

Ezra taking pictures


Ezra taking pictures up close

xo Linda


6 responses to “It is a Lush Life!”

  1. Stacey says:

    Linda your little boy is adorable!! And so nice to see Meryl on your blog!

    I always want to use Lush products in the run up to Xmas but the mark up here in Dubai is horrendous. BUT mu dad is doing a ‘surprise’ visit to see me next week so I have done a big online order to my parents house so he can bring it next week #yey

    Lots of bath bombs, luxury melts and some of the Xmas stuff-I can’t wait

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you Stacey! Yes, isn’t Meryl so pretty!?!??
      Oh lucky you to be getting a load of goodies via personal courier! ;P I’m going to check out the X’mas goodies from Lush too very soon… can’t wait! They all look so adorable!

  2. The Monching says:

    I just wish the Lush stores here in the Philippines had the “make your own bath bomb” thingy. 🙁

    • silverkis says:

      Hi there, we only got to make our own bath bomb as it was a special blogger preview. It’s not part of their usual offering… 😉

  3. Noodles says:

    Happy 2nd bitthday to your adorable little one 😀
    Lush is such a fun brand, and their seasonally themed products are always so cute!

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