July 6th, 2018

Lunasol Summer 2018

I’ve enjoyed Lunasol makeup in the past, but never quite as much as now… this Summer 2018 collection brings out Lunasol’s trademark earthy tones to their full glory, nicely supplemented by pops of blue and red.  There are surprisingly fun elements incorporated into the collection as well… read on to find out more!

Lunasol Metallic Liners for Summer 2018

Lunasol makes some of the highest quality eyeshadows that I know, they are always finely milled, a dream to blend and have excellent longevity.  However, the brand tends to play more conservatively, and I have a penchant for colour.  This season though, the 2 eyeshadow palettes marry their expertise in neutrals with 2 excellently formulated pops of colour.

Lunasol Dry Summer Eyes

Warm Beige Nuance features a warm-toned satin brown accompanied by 2 complementary shades of beige, a lighter a more shimmery peach-beige and a medium-toned brown-beige.  Central to the palette is a plummy red with beautiful intensity that makes it easy to wear as a subtle accent liner, and is also easy to blend out at the edges for a bolder look.  There is a shimmery white included in the palette with a semi-translucent base that is great for an inner corner highlight.

The swatches in counter-clockwise direction starting from top left of the palette:

Lunasol Eye Shadow Quad EX-01 Warm Beige Nuance swatches

Here is an eye makeup look featuring all the shades in Warm Beige Nuance:

Lunasol Eye Shadow Quad EX-01 Warm Beige Nuance eye makeup look

Chic Beige Nuance is composed in a similar manner as the previous one, but as the name implies, it is slightly cooler-toned and features a dark smoky blue.  I found the blue strip to be slightly drier than the rest of the shades in the palette, and not as vivid as the red from Warm Beige Nuance.  However, when applied with a brush, the blue shade makes a very gorgeous smoky eye.

Lunasol Eye Shadow Quad EX-02 Chic Beige Nuance swatches

And here’s an eye makeup look demonstrating the intensity of the blue when applied:

Lunasol Eye Shadow Quad EX-02 Chic Beige Nuance EOTD

If the palettes are too much for you, and you prefer adding just a couple of cool new touches to your collection, you should definitely consider picking up a couple of these Shimmer Colour Eyes.

Lunasol Shimmer Colour Eyes

There are 6 shades to choose from, and the formula is a soft bouncy gel texture the applies with a good colour intensity and is easy to blend out.  Here are the swatches:

Lunasol Shimmer Colour Eyes swatches

  • EX01 Sheer Gold is a metallic glitter shade with a translucent base.  This works best patted over another shade for an accent, and it does suffer from some fallout so a good primer is recommended.
  • EX02 Dry Tangerine is a brightened russet gold with good opacity and a strong metallic sheen
  • EX03 Beige Brown is a beautiful medium brown filled with golden micro-shimmers.  Lovely all-over colour that I can wear all day, everyday!
  • EX04 Mauve Nuance is a medium purple with some pale golden micro-shimmers.  This one sheers out substantially when applied.  If you were hoping this would be a nice alternative to the red in Warm Beige Nuance, you’d be disappointed.
  • EX05 Indigo Blue is an interesting navy blue with light blue and some purple micro-shimmers.  It does sheer out a little and gives way to some yellow undertones, but shows up as a gorgeous cool-toned blue when worn in its full intensity.  A very different version of blue from Chic Beige Nuance so something to consider if you decided to pass on the palette.
  • EX06 Deep Brown is a warm-toned brown with golden micro-shimmers.  Another one of those easy pleasers that is sure to find a spot in anybody’s collection.

Lunasol Metallic Liners for Summer 2018

There are also 2 cool new Metallic Liners that you shouldn’t miss.  These come in a sleek bottle that are reminiscent of nail polishes, and feature a thin pointed brush tip applicator.  The 2 shades are: EX01 Copper, and EX02 Sand Silver.  The formula dries quickly and stays on well without smudging.  However, the brush fans out if too much pressure is applied, and then the formula sheers out.  But if you go slowly, and redip throughout the application, you can get a nice intense sharp liner.

Lunasol Metallic Liners swatches

For the lips, Lunasol has created 3 Creamy Matte Liquid Lips this season.  These come in frosted glass bottles, and feature a narrow doe-footed sponge applicator.  The formula is rather creamy, quite unlike most other liquid lipsticks currently in the market.

Lunasol Creamy Matte Liquid Lips

Here are the arm and lip swatches:

Lunasol Creamy Matte Liquid Lips swatches

Lunasol Creamy Matte Liquid Lip swatches

Lunasol Creamy Matte Liquid Lips feel very comfortable on the lips and mould to the contours and lip lines well without looking flat.  Unlike what the name implies, I found these to have a lovely lustre and soft shine on my lips, and are not completely matte, which is a much nicer finish in my opinion.  I found the applicator too narrow and there is a sort of airtight catch in the bottle that makes it harder to pick up too much product each time, so I needed to redip 2-3 times to completely cover my lips.  Both EX01 and EX02 are lovely my-lips-but-better shades, and EX03 was a cool cherry red on my lips.  All 3 had good wear time on my lips, and do not dry me out even after several days of non-stop wear.

Lunasol Summer 2018 makeup look

This makeup look features Warm Beige Nuance on the eyes and Creamy Matte Liquid Lips in EX03 on the lips.

And here’s another featuring Chic Beige Nuance on my eyes…

Lunasol Summer 2018 makeup look

Lunasol’s Summer 2018 collection are already out in counters.  Have you seen anything you like here today?

This post features products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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