Lunasol The Lighting Color Collection for Summer 2019

May 28, 2019

There is no greater time to play with color than this Summer 2019!  I’m stoked to see that brands are breaking out of the usual moulds of summer tans and my-skin-but-better nude makeup, and turning out vivacious and fun collections.  Lunasol lights up the entire visage with 3 incredible palettes for the eyes, check out Lunasol The Lighting Color Collection after the jump!

Lunasol The Lighting Collection for Summer 2019

I was astounded when I first laid eyes on Lunasol The Lighting Color Eyes Palette.  The sleek palette follows the design of The Beige Eyes palettes from Spring [see here], but is as diametrically opposite as can be.  The Lighting Color Eyes palette features 10 vivid hues carefully chosen to add depth and dimension to the eyes.  The wide range of colors allow for endless possibilities.

Lunasol The Lighting Color Eyes

The palette houses a handy dual-ended brush that is actually very useful at applying the eyeshadows.  There is also a good sized mirror which is always a plus.  I swatched the shades according to their relative placements:

Lunasol The Lighting Color Eyes swatches

Lunasol had designed each of the shades for a specific purpose.  Even if some of them may seem impossible to wear or simply throwaway shades, rest assured they actually do bring out the eyes.  For example, white has the effect of enhancing the clarity of eyes; silver disperses shine and bring sparkles to the eyes, and orange creates an alluring sunset look.  I hadn’t had too many opportunities to play with this palette as much as I’d like, but if you were wondering how wearable The Lighting Color Eye Palette is, here is an understated makeup look that I wore to an event recently:

Lunasol The Lighting Color Eyes makeup look

In case large multicolored palettes scare you, Lunasol also offers 2 Contrasting Color Eyes quads, which feels somewhat like equal halves of The Lighting Color Eyes.  The first is EX01 Shining Star…

Lunasol Contrasting Color Eyes EX01 Shining Star

Lunasol Contrasting Color Eyes EX01 Shining Star truly sparkles under the light of day.  It is just a little warmer in tone than the other quad, though it is still incredibly pretty and wearable for the average Asian skin tone.  I swatched the shades in a clockwise direction starting at the bottom right fuchsia shade.

Lunasol Contrasting Color Eyes EX01 swatches

All of the shades swatch and apply beautifully with the perfect level of intensity without turning into stage makeup.  Pinks and corals are very on trend lately, and you have both to play with either individually or together in this palette, complemented by a rich brown and a shimmery gold for emphasis.

Lunasol Contrasting Color Eyes EX01 makeup look

I used all 4 shades in Shining Star in the eye makeup look above, and am really quite pleased with the way the brown blended into the coral and the pop of fuchsia just brought a touch of dimension to the mix.

Lunasol Contrasting Color Eyes EX02 Sparkling Moon

Lastly, for the purple and blue lovers, check out Lunasol Contrasting Color Eyes EX02 Sparkling Moon.  This palette is cooler in tone, though no less fun.

Lunasol Contrasting Color Eyes EX02 swatches

I did feel the pigmentation of Sparkling Moon is rather less intense, and there is a seeming white chalky cast to the purple and blue shades.  The blue shade is much less blue against the skin than it appears in the pan, and pulls lavender on me.

Lunasol Contrasting Color Eyes EX02 makeup look

As the 3 shades are rather similar in tonal intensity and not high in contrast, they have a tendency to blend into each.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, because the resulting effect is rather pretty and more complex than otherwise.  No matter what you do though, the shades do not turn muddy which is ideal for those who are constantly in a rush and need a palette that will look effortless.

All 3 palettes are top notch, and I wish I have more time to create more exciting and fun looks for you.  Stay tuned to my Instagram Stories though, if and when I am able, I intend to post some tutorials and makeup looks there!  Lunasol The Lighting Color Collection is out at Kanebo counters in Takashimaya and OG Albert Complex in Singapore now.

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.


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