Lunasol Illuminating Color Glow Collection for AW2019

August 12, 2019

Lunasol takes makeup play to a whole new level this year, starting with an unexpectedly colorful summer collection [see here], and continuing the fun this Fall 2019 with the Lunasol Illuminating Color Glow Collection!  Inspired by the lustrous qualities of nature – a butterfly’s shining wings, the glow of life in the deep sea… Lunasol has designed a myriad of colors that blend light and life expertly.  The collection focuses on palettes for the eyes and cheeks, take a look.

Lunasol Fall 2019 collection

Lunasol Eye Coloration consists of 4 different eyeshadow quads that combine grown up glitter shades with easy satins and graceful shimmers.  The palettes bear poetic names such as Butterfly Wings and Moon Tears, and they look beautiful both in the pans and on the eyes.

Lunasol Eye Coloration for Fall 2019

I have swatched all the palettes in clockwise direction, starting from the top left corner.  Here are the swatches for Lunasol Eye Coloration 01 Twilight Sky:

Lunasol eye coloration 01 swatches

From left to right the shades are:

Lunasol eye coloration 02 swatches

Lunasol Eye Coloration 02 Deep Rose Quartz is the neutral lover’s pick in this collection.  The shades as swatched above are:

Here is a makeup look featuring Deep Rose Quartz on the eyes, and Coloring Glaze 02 (more details shortly) on the cheeks:

Lunasol Fall 2019 motd ft Eye Coloration 02, Coloring Glaze 02

Next, here are the swatches for Lunasol Eye Coloration 03 Butterfly Wing:

Lunasol eye coloration 03 swatches

The shades as swatched from left to right are:

Lunasol Fall 2019 motd ft Eye Coloration 03, Coloring Glaze 01

The resultant eye look is more elegant than I would have expected with all the blingy shimmers, and the colors layer together beautifully as you can see from the makeup look above.  On the cheeks, if you can make it out, is Lunasol Coloring Glaze 01 which I will introduce properly soon.

Lunasol eye coloration EX01 swatches

Lunasol Eye Coloration EX01 Moon Tears is a limited edition offering for this Fall 2019 season, and the colors are have a whimsical composition while being still very wearable.  From left to right:

And here is the makeup look:

Lunasol Fall 2019 motd ft Eye Coloration EX01, Coloring Glaze 02

To complement the gorgeous eye palettes, Lunasol has also designed 3 new Coloring Glaze cheek palettes.  These are duo palettes featuring a satin color and a lustrous shimmer shade that are designed to be worn together to highlight those sun-kissed cheeks.

Lunasol Coloring Glaze

I swatched all 3 Lunasol Coloring Glaze palettes according to their relative placements in the pans:

Lunasol Coloring Glaze swatches

For EX01 and 01, I was able to wear the shimmer shade as a highlighter, but 02 is too pigmented either way to work as a highlighter.  Instead, I suggest either wearing 1 or both of the shades separately, or sweep 1 along the cheek bones then pop the other on the apples.

Before I go, Lunasol has also included a limited edition Lunasol Nuance Eye Light pencil liner in Fairy Lavender.  This has a subtle lavender-tinted shimmer that brightens and highlights the eyes.  It works well with anything, just pop it into your inner corner or tightline along the lash line.  The formula is resistant to sweat and tears, which is great as the weather here in Singapore is currently blazing hot.

Lunasol Illuminating Color Glow Collection for Fall 2019 will hit counters from September onwards.

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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