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December 26, 2018

Merry Christmas!  I trust that you are having a blessed time with your loved ones this holiday season.  It has been an unbelievably busy month for me, and I spent a week in Maldives with my family doing absolutely nothing and it was the best ever!  My 6-yo boy (with my help) will be posting up videos of the trip on his youtube channel (here!) starting with a feature of our seaplane ride, so please show some love by hitting the link to subscribe!

I received a ton of PR gifts this season and unfortunately was not able to share all of them here on the blog in time.  Particularly, the wonderful folks at Lunasol sent across the entire AW2018 makeup collection a month ago.  I was really torn between just posting pictures on Instagram for the sake of expediency, but as I dug into the individual pieces, I realized they’re really too beautiful to miss out on the blog.  So am posting them here today, full swatches of everything and my quick thoughts on them – enjoy!

Lunasol AW2018 makeup collection

Lunasol’s AW2018 collection is inspired by romantic cobbled passageways and river scenes.  The envisaged makeup look is serene, comprising of translucent skin and timeless depth to the eyes using autumnal colors.  There is an extensive range of options to create the ideal eye look, comprising of 4 eyeshadow quads, 5 singles, and 2 eyeliners.

Lunasol AW2018 Nuance Shade Eyes

Lunasol Nuance Shade Eyes are cult classics for their beautifully composed ladylike hues in a variety of finishes to create versatile looks.  For this AW2018, the brand steps things up a notch by offering shades that go beyond the usual elegant wearable shades, and offer some dramatic flair as well.  Each of the 4 palettes are aptly named for the cinematic scenes they inspire, my favourite is 01 Romantic Scene…

Lunasol AW2018 Nuance Shade Eyes 01

Swatched in clockwise direction starting from top left corner:

Lunasol AW2018 Nuance Shade Eyes 01 swatches

For a cleaner nude look, or those who are much fairer, you may opt for 02 Tender Scene.  Swatched below in clockwise direction starting from top left:

Lunasol AW2018 Nuance Shade Eyes 02 swatches

Nuance Shade Eyes 03 Foggy Scene is an interesting alternative to smoky eyes with the addition of a medium green and sparkly silver.  I don’t wear greens very often, but when I do, it is invariably from Japanese brands because they are able to perfect the undertone and shade to flatter Asians.  This Lunasol palette is an exceptional example.

Lunasol AW2018 Nuance Shade Eyes 03 & 04

Lunasol AW2018 Nuance Shade Eyes 03 swatches

I was most drawn to 04 Dazzling Night Scene which features 4 shimmer shades, each individually wearable and transforming into spectacular complex shades when layered.

Lunasol AW2018 Nuance Shade Eyes 04 swatches

For my vacation, I decided to do away with heavy eye makeup, especially since I was in and out of the water several times throughout the day.  Instead, I opted for a single wash of eyeshadow to define and contour my eyes using these Lunasol Melting Colour Eyes.

Lunasol AW2018 Melting Colour Eyes

There are 5 limited edition shades, each individually encased in a sturdy palette with a mirror inside.  These Melting Colour Eyes feature 2 complementary hues arranged in alternate blocks, that you are supposed to swipe together before applying.  You can do this using a finger, and the texture is so soft it almost feels like cream, and it applies beautifully on the lids.  Or if you are a bit more diligent, you may create more dynamic eye looks by applying the 2 shades separately using a small brush.

Lunasol AW2018 Melting Colour Eyes swatches

As always, Lunasol has released 2 new Styling Gel Eyeliners to complement this season’s colours.  Shade 04 Shimmer Shade is a cool-toned brown with a hint of shimmer, whilst 05 Shimmer Plum is a slightly lighter, more reddish brown.  Unfortunately I don’t have the pen-like casing for these, and it is difficult to use with just the refills.  I found they tend to crumble when too much pressure is applied, but are not soft enough that they apply with an easy gentle swipe.

Lunasol AW2018 Styling Gel Eyeliners swatches

For the cheeks, there are 2 Lunasol Colour Sticks to add healthy-looking blush.  These are creamy twist-up sticks that apply easily and well, and stay on all day with minimal fading and do not streak.  I am a huge fan of cream blushes in these formats so am excited to add to my collection.  The only thing I would say is that both shades run warm, 01 Sheer Pink is more of a coral on my skin, and 02 Sheer Orange is incredibly orange.

Lunasol AW2018 Colour Stick swatches

Never forget the canvas, because translucent skin is everything these days.  Choose from 2 Colour Primers – 01 Warm Pink t add warmth to complexion and 02 Soft Yellow for greater clarity.  These are very lightweight, watery fluid primers that correct skin tone and also help to extend the wear of your makeup.  They contain hyaluronic acid, fermented soymilk extract, watercress, and skin-loving oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and rose hip oil; all to boost skin radiance.  Elastic soft-gel polymers blur out visible pores and uneven surfaces, ensuring skin is even and velvety smooth to touch.

Lunasol AW2018 Colour Primer swatches

Lastly, there are 6 Airy Glow Lips that feature creamy textures that nourish the lips, and saturated colour for a stained lip effect.  Of the 6 new shades, 2 are limited edition.

Lunasol AW2018 Airy Glow Lips

Lunasol AW2018 Airy Glow Lips swatches

Lunasol AW2018 makeup collection was released at counters several months ago, please do enquire directly if you are interested – I really hope you are still able to get hold of these pieces!  Alternatively, you may find them online here [unaffiliated link].

How has your Christmas been so far?

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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