Dior Spring 2015 First Blossom Collection : Le Neiges de Diorsnow Rainbow Powder

March 5, 2015

One of the most highly anticipated items from Dior Snow Spring 2015 makeup collection is this limited edition Le Neiges de Diorsnow 001 Rainbow Powder. It is an all-over finishing face powder designed to revitalize the complexion and bring a healthy, luminous glow to the skin. As I had briefly introduced in an earlier post this week, Dior releases a collection of whitening skincare and makeup collection under the Dior Snow line each Spring, exclusively for the Asian market. And this year’s collection is very comprehensive, with 2 eyeshadow quint palettes, 1 blush and 2 nail polishes [reviewed here]. Even if you are overstocked on everything, or if light pastels just aren’t your thing, I still suggest you take a closer look at the Diorsnow Rainbow Powder because this one is selling out fast!

Dior Spring 2015 Le Neiges de Diorsnow Rainbow Powder

Le Neiges de Diorsnow 001 Rainbow Powder is a limited edition compact powder consisting of 4 different colors laid out in a gorgeous mosaic pattern, with the signature Diorsnow snow flake and name laser cut into the surface. It is supposed to recreate the way sunlight hits and reflects off fresh snow.

Dior Spring 2015 Le Neiges de Diorsnow Rainbow Powder

Each of the 4 colors are designed to provide specific benefits to the complexion – mauve to correct dullness/sallowness and conceal dark circles; mint green to reduce redness; pink to brighten; and white to add a touch of transparency and glow. The powder is tightly packed in its compact so it may feel somewhat “hard” to the touch. However, the enclosed brush does a fairly good job of picking it up, and it has very pretty pink bristles with a chic silver handle!

Dior Spring 2015 Le Neiges de Diorsnow Rainbow Powder effects on skin

Left of line (side of face with hair tucked back) is dusted with Diorsnow Rainbow Powder whilst the right side is left without. Diorsnow Rainbow Powder mattified excess shine whilst giving the area an overall brighter look. Pores and surface bumps are also effectively blurred – click on image to zoom in on cheeks.

Diorsnow Rainbow Powder is very finely milled and goes on the skin light as air. The overall effect is very subtle, as you might imagine with a finishing powder. It gives an overall brightening effect to the complexion, the way Guerlain Meteorites Pearls does. It also blurs over imperfections such as pores and surface bumps to give the illusion of smoother and more even skin. The only real difference in my opinion is Diorsnow Rainbow Powder provides additional mattifying benefit whilst retaining the glow, and does not turn cakey nor fade easily.

Dior Spring 2015 Le Neiges de Diorsnow Rainbow Powder packaging

As with all other Diorsnow palettes, Le Neiges de Diorsnow Rainbow Powder comes in a matte white compact with silver trimmings, and a grey velvet pouch. It doesn’t get more ladylike than this! The Diorsnow 2015 First Blossom collection was supposed to be launched in Asia on 27 February, but due to stock availability, the official launch in Singapore has been delayed to mid-March. Regardless, most counters are already selling them upon request (display testers are unavailable yet), and the Le Neiges de Diorsnow 001 Rainbow Powder is already soldout at some counters. So do act fast if you’re at all interested! If you’re living outside of Asia and need help getting hold of this, feel free to give me a shout!

xo Linda


16 responses to “Dior Spring 2015 First Blossom Collection : Le Neiges de Diorsnow Rainbow Powder”

  1. DiorAdict says:

    Hi Linda, I am in Canada and I need to get it. Is there an option for me?

  2. Venusintheshell says:

    Oh my gosh….this is so beautiful. I wish they would release it in the US. How much is it? I’m so in love!!

    • silverkis says:

      It retails for SGD90, which is about USD70… but it’s almost completely sold out here by now. I’m not sure if it’ll eventually make its way in the US though…. 🙁

  3. Kate says:

    The effect reminds me of the Guerlain pressed meteorites and I would so grab this if it were being released here. The difference with/ without is subtle, but I can see it. You look gorgeous in that photo, btw.

    • silverkis says:

      It definitely looks very much like Guerlain meteorites, except this Dior powder also helped to mattify a little bit, which the Guerlain meteorites (pressed or otherwise) do not. Thank you for your sweetness, and for stopping by!

  4. Chelsea says:

    Oh wow, this is so pretty! It looks so gorgeous in the palette that Id pretty much just buy it because of that haha.

  5. Lily says:

    It’s definitely something different compared to last few years’ powder. Need to check it out 🙂

  6. Shari says:

    Very Meteorites-ish! At first glance, I thought it was a Guerlain compact! But I’ve always had a soft spot for Dior bases, I’ve liked the foundations and the BB Creme I’ve tried from them 🙂 I also liked their Rosy Glow loose powder so I have a feeling I might like this 🙂

  7. Now I am so excited for mine although mattifying benefit always turns out as “making dry patches stand out” benefit for me lol. I love Dior’s small pink brush bristles and grey pouch, so pretty.

    • silverkis says:

      It’s not all that mattifying, Sara… don’t worry! I didn’t really notice that effect until I took pictures! Yes, love that pink brush too!

  8. Sunny says:

    Oh this one is PRETTY for sure! I really can’t buy more finishing powders, but ahh so tempting! It looks really great on you!

    • silverkis says:

      Oohh…. but how to resist something so gorgeous? I’ve been resisting that Givenchy powder myself, but now it seems i won’t be able to get it anyway, so yay!

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