Little Black Beauty Box May 2013: Spring Awakening

May 10, 2013

Last month, the entire blogosphere was chattering about the new beauty box in town – The Little Black Beauty Box (aka LBBB).  Not another one of these things!!  Arent we all tired of collecting samples and trying to find space to stash them??  But the LBBB tried to set itself apart by positioning itself as a premium box that provides better value to subscribers than those that are already in town.  Firstly, it is backed by Mediacorp and thus has access to the huge amount of resources (more on that later).  And importantly, LBBB is a collaboration with Robinsons, which houses mostly high-end beauty brands.


The very first box (April 2013 edition) went out with a big bang – hand delivered to each subscribers’ doorstep by Mediacorp artist and the woman behind the LBBB… Sharon Au!  Every member with at least 3 months’ subscription received a celebratory bottle of Brown Brothers’ Moscato with their first trove!  YUM!!

I was a tad late to the game, but was fortunate enough to still be able to get a subscription in for the May 2013 box (I believe the May LBBB is sold-out now, and they are not accepting anymore new subscriptions for the time being).  Here is a peek at the contents.

LBBB May contents

I loved the fact that this box contained some really great brands – Kose mask, Jurlique refreshing mist, and Elizabeth Arden body cream.  Although there isn’t a card included in the box explaining the various items and listing their retail prices (Sharon, if you’re listening, this might be a good idea???), based on what I know of those brands, these 3 items alone far exceeded the cost of the box ($19.90).

The rest of the items are mostly beauty supplements – fish collagen powder, beauty supplement pills, etc.  There are 3 Marc Jacobs & Anna Sui sample perfume vials, and a lipstick sample card from Shiseido.  Personally, i’m not so keen on these as i’m a scaredy-cat about actually ingesting stuff that i’m not familiar with.  And perfume vials and tiny sample cards are just throwaway items for me.

Regardless, it’s the little touches that set the Little Black Beauty Box apart from its competitors.  First of all, gorgeous packaging!!!  I absolutely adore the black book design, this is definitely going to get prime real estate on my display shelf!  And very importantly, the box was hand delivered by Mediacorp’s own internal logistics team that was super nice, compared to Ta-Q-Bin and Courex!  Seriously, I really appreciated them calling me up in advance to schedule the delivery (rather than fielding calls from annoyed delivery guys going “eh, how come nobody’s home ah???”).  And then when the guy showed up at my office while I was out at lunch, he cheerfully told me to take my time, he’d just park somewhere and wait til I got back!

My subscription is supposed to come with an invitation to a beauty workshop.  But, it seems like big machineries take time to sort out their household business, so that’s KIV for now.

It’d be interesting to see if the Little Black Beauty Box is able to sustain the level of quality.  If you aren’t already subscribed to a beauty box service and are considering one, do keep this in your consideration!  Check back at to see when the LBBB will be available for subscription!

What do you think of the Little Black Beauty Box?  Yea or Nay?

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  1. mpesca3115 says:

    Oh no, another beauty box! I’m addicted to them 🙂 But, I love the personal delivery. Very nice touch.

  2. Not THAT Beauty Box looks amazing!!

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