Lanvin Me

May 15, 2013

There’s a new lady in town… and she’s ME!

Lanvin Me Eau de Parfum

Hailing from the house of Lanvin comes this new EDP, simply named Me.  This is a sensual, womanly fragrance, inspired and born by Alber Elbaz. 

“The ME woman is an individual, which doesn’t mean an individualist or a narcissist.  No, she is an individual because she also thinks about herself.  She pays attention to what she is or what she wears, rather than trying to position herself with respect to others.”

Lanvin Me was conceptualized to be a “gift perfume”, wrapped in the legendary Lanvin Blue with an embossed gold tie like a gift box.  The bottle was designed to be a collector’s item, with timeless elegance and couture touches: the black cap is engraved with the Lanvin signature design that Jeanne Lanvin loved, a blue-toned gemstone on a gold chain wraps around the neck of the bottle.  The bottle is made from heavy glass with clean lines and rounded edges.

The fragrance contains the warm licorice root at its heart, further accentuated by the sensual tuberose, with a slight fruity tinge of blueberry on top.  This is a bold, complex scent, that is best worn by a stylish, confident woman.  It is very different from its sweeter, more youthful sister, Marry Me.  And for that very same reason, Lanvin Me has become my latest favorite scent of the season (and quite possibly for a long time ahead)!

Have you caught a whiff of the new Me yet?

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  1. lov3less says:

    I love Me. It’s just the perfect scent.

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