Lancome Vernis in Love – Noir Caviar

July 23, 2013

Hello!! Sorry for missing mani-Monday, but i’ve had a busy start to the week… i finally got fed up with the increasingly messy state of my beauty products, and decided to re-organize everything! It’s like major construction works at the moment, and will probably take up the rest of my week… but hopefully i’ll have something nice to show for it at the end!

Anyway, I recently received a bottle of Lancome Vernis in Love, which is their latest range of nail polishes, in my favorite shade of the entire range – Noir Caviar (585N)! This range was launched in Singapore back in May, so I am somewhat late to the party, but Noir Caviar is one of those timeless shades that is suitable for all seasons. It reminds me of my Jinsoon polishes (read about them here) and I would probably try wearing them together someday.

Lancome Vernis in Love Noir Caviar

Noir Caviar (or Noir Angora as it has been named on some online sites… the bottle itself only has the numerical + letter code 585N printed on it) is a complex dark grey that looked almost blue-green under bright fluorescent lighting, morphing into near black under warmer tungsten lighting. I found it rather difficult to photograph accurately due to this complexity.

It is a creamy formula that I loved. However, I found it streaked in 1 coat, and required a 2nd if not 3rd coat to be completely smooth and opaque. The finish is also quite shiny (as pictured above without any top coat) on its own.

Lancome’s Vernis in Love comes in a smaller-sized bottle (6ml) than the prevailing standard (usually 10ml), and retails for SGD30 each.

Like its peers, Lancome has employed the new flat, wide bristled brush *hooray*; although Lancome’s version is smaller and required more strokes to cover a nail.

Just because I was in the mood for a bit more pizzazz, I whipped out my YSL Tie & Dye (read about them here), and layered them on top…. it completely transformed the look!

Lancome Vernis in Love noir caviar + ysl tie dye

I really liked Noir Caviar, it is one of those classy colors that I would not hesitate to wear to work and evening outings. It is also the perfect dark base for blinging it out if that’s your inclination. My only real complain, is that this did not seem to last on my nails at all, chipping off within a day! At the price it is retailing for, I expected much more from Lancome.

Have you tried Lancome Vernis in Love yet? Did it last longer on you as it did on me?


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