Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Définition

October 23, 2015

Getting us into the mood for the cooler season and getting into the party groove, Lancome has released a collection of bold matte lipsticks.  The new Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Definition takes the legendary Lancome L’Absolu Rouge to an even more dramatic level.  Today, I have 5 “Star Shades” to show you the performance of these amazing lipsticks.

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Définition

The Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Definition is dressed in a shiny black lacquered casing with golden trims.  The cap snaps close with a magnetic click, and stays close even when tossed around in my handbag.  The top is curved and adorned with a golden rose.

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Définition

The new formula boasts high intensity colour with a matte finish, and it stays comfortable throughout.  I found the lipsticks glide easily across my lips, which is so important for such bold and matte shades.  At the same time, it is not slippery and does not migrate or slide off my lips at the lightest touch.  The finish is best described as mainly matte with a satin sheen as you will see in the lip swatches below.

There are 14 shades, 5 of which have been identified as “Star Shades” which Lancome thinks every woman should own.  And this is how they look on me:

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Définition lip swatches

The shades are:

I think it is important to highlight at this point that the formula of these Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Definition is incredibly comfortable to wear, I’ve tested them out for days at a time, and my lips feel perfectly happy at the end of it all.  This is perhaps due to softening Jojoba Oil included in the lipstick, and various other emollient ingredients.  Since I started my new job, I’ve taken to a more toned down makeup look so as not to shock the living daylights out of my boss and clients… so I’ve been wearing these more as a stain.  Simply dab away, smudge out a little, and maybe add on a touch of gloss!  The tip of the lipstick is also easy to create a defined line around the contours of the lips, although in my haste I seemed to have messed up quite a bit on the swatches above!

Anyway, here are a few full makeup looks give you an idea of how these colours complement the La Palette [reviewed here] from the upcoming Holiday 2015 collection – enjoy!

Lancome IG post for 20 Oct

Full makeup look featuring Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Definition Le Magenta (388)

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Definition 195 Le Carmin makeup look

Full makeup look featuring Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Définition Le Carmin (195)

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Definition 195 Le Pourpre makeup look

Full makeup look featuring Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Définition Le Pourpre (294)

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Definition 195 Le Sepia makeup look

Full makeup look featuring Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Définition Le Sepia (295)

Et voila!  Now which star has caught your eye?

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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  1. Lily says:

    All of them look gorgeous on you Linda! Le Magenta is especially striking 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    These are all so pretty especially #294, they’re all the perfect fall shades. I love the Lancome lipstick formulas.

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