Radiant & Fresh Eyes with La Mer The Radiant Concealer

April 17, 2014

How did your mid-week go, ladies? I had a blast at the Bellabox Backstage Beauty 2.0 bloggers’ event last night (pictures are up on my Instagram!), and found myself needing a bit more spot coverage this morning. Now I’ve never really felt the need (read: lazy!) for concealers in the past, but ever since having a baby, sleep deprivation has forced this product category into a daily essential. So, I’ve been trying out a few popular ones over the past few months, and hadn’t really found The One… until this came along. Ladies, let me introduce you to La Mer The Radiant Concealer.

This is the reality of living with a 18-month old... baby always get first dibs!

This is the reality of living with a 18-month old… baby always get first dibs!

La Mer The Radiant Concealer is a very light-weight cream concealer that comes in a handy little palette with a sufficiently-sized mirror (for working on targeted spots!) inside. The casing is well made, it snaps open and shut easily, but does not come apart in the handbag as there is a push-button release mechanism. It comes in a snug sleeve, and a brush applicator with its own separate case. Everything reads classy and luxe, you will not feel embarrassed to whip it out of your purse anytime (working on spots in front of your date though, is a different story)!

Like all La Mer products, The Radiant Concealer boats of marine and plant extracts to work on skincare concerns, reducing under eye puffiness, minimizing lines and wrinkles. It also promises to calm and soothe skin so that redness and discoloration are diminished. As always, I am skeptical of makeup boasting of skincare benefits. The amount of skin-loving ingredients are usually in such minute quantities that it will take a very long time of consistent use to be able to tell, if at all. So what makes The Radiant Concealer worth its hefty price tag of USD70 / SGD100 for 3.5gm??

Unlike any of the other concealers that I’ve tried thus far, La Mer The Radiant Concealer is the lightest in texture and the most hydrating. This allows me to blend to a flawless finish; and working in small quantities, build up to the perfect coverage for each and every spot. It never feels too thick, and does not dry up my skin nor cling to each and every tiny line and imperfect texture as the day goes by. Also, given it is quite emollient, it goes over makeup easily for touch-ups. On the other hand, it doesn’t move once it sets so your makeup does not slide as the day goes by (this happens more often that I like with other concealers!). More importantly, it really does have a brightening effect, particularly noticeable for my under eye!

La Mer The Radiant Concealer before after shots


As you can see, I had a small red patch under my eye and dark circles. With just a few dabs, I was able to lighten the darkness considerably, and my eye area looked brighter. The red patch was also “erased” without emphasizing any of the flakey skin around it. When I was shopping around, it was a toss-up between Cle de Peau and La Mer. But after swatching both, I found the CdP to be too dark on me, and La Mer more brightening. I also preferred La Mer’s texture. The only trouble is, there are only 3 shades available (although that seems to be the case with most high-end labels), and I’m using shade #2. I can foresee the lack of shades being a problem for a lot of people, and of course the pricing is rather inaccessible. But for those seeking a bit of luxury, I recommend you let the SA try La Mer The Radient Concealer on you and decide for yourself!


5 responses to “Radiant & Fresh Eyes with La Mer The Radiant Concealer”

  1. bubblymichelle says:

    Great review! Need to go try this on myself 😀

  2. Lilian says:

    Hi Linda, thanks for your review. I have been looking at this item and not sure whether is a good one. I am very specific with my concealer and it is a must have dor me and also a pick me up esp after I have kids, your under eyes colour never go back to normal and if we dont take care we will look aged. Furthermore I sleep late and wake up early. Theredlfore this review is important for me! ^.^

  3. Erika says:

    This product seems really interesting. I’m in love with the packaging, too!

  4. This has been on my wish list for a while! Thanks for the review!

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